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slim style internal drive wheel nuts/bolts

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Hello everyone,

I'm ordering some custom offset wheels and it recommends that "Custom JR Wheel require slim style internal drive wheel nuts/bolts"

They seem to have a m12x1.25 in both a long and short style. Can anyone help me with which ones i need? i am not running spacers and my searches seem to show that both styles are used.


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Sorry im new to this, just realised our cars use lug nuts and not bolts. This warning message before buying the wheels just confused me thinking our standard fittings would not fit. 

Do you think since it states it has to be slim style internal wheel nuts, that these are the ones? 



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Our cars have stock nuts and stock wheels of tapered 60deg conical seat. Which is most common for aftermarket wheels too, eases wheel/lugnut choice a lot. So stock lugnuts can be used with most aftermarket wheels, and vice versa with wide choice of aftermarket lugnuts usable on stock wheels too.

Stock thread indeed is m12x1.25, but some do install extended wheel studs (eg. ARP ones), and sometimes choose m12x1.5 ones, with supposedly coarser/stronger thread.

Also sometimes might be of use knowing stock wheel axle center bore being 56.1mm. As wheels with conical lugnuts are mostly lugcentric, one can safely enough use wheels with center bore of such or bigger diameter.

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