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Ducktail bootlid with moulded spoiler

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Looking at putting my car back to stock and selling it to get money towards a house. 

First to go would be my beloved ducktail spoiler. It’s the legsport frp spoiler moulded onto a genuine Toyota bootlid and painted in pearl white.

Totally changes the rest of the car giving it a much more aggressive look.

After purchase/ import taxes/bootlid/body shop fees it cost over £1200 to have this totally custom part made and sprayed.I am in Holywell, North wales and I’m looking for about £600 and would ideally like to have the part collected due to its size and awkward shape.

Please contact me on 07593304888 for additional information or pictures. 









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It matches pretty well to mine. I'm quite particular when it comes to aesthetics and even i can't see a difference. 

I had it sprayed at the same bodyshop that did the moulding. A small, local bodyshop called "Birmingham garage" (in a village called Llanrwst). 

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Cool, will have a think. Would have to have a look in person though and compare it to mine. 

Going off the pics, was it painted separate away from the car? Trying to find somewhere that have experience of painting the pearl white and can match it! 

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Sound mate. yeah it was sprayed off the car. Your eyes must be better than mine if you can spot that!

I'm going to see a sprayer this week for stone chips who sprayed toyota colours for years, says he knows it well. Hit me up on the mobile if you want a quicker response bud!

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