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TSS Round 6 - 7th November 2015 - Cadwell Park

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Here are some of the pics I took at the Best Western Kenwick Park Lodges and at Cadwell Park during the final round of the Toyota Sprint Series, such an awesome weekend, we must organise an 86/BRZ weekend there with an open trackday at Cadwell.....it would be awesome!

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7 hours ago, Andy Mac said:

Fantastic photos thanks for posting - those lodges look cool! Would like to return there for a full track day including the mountain.

I did the Friday trackday and took out an instructor. On our last lap I came over the mountain and my dashboard warning lights lit up like a christmas tree . .

The car felt fine, all pressure/temps were normal so Mike P cleared all the fault codes for me but took a note of them - there is no internet connection at Cadwell so we couldn't interrogate them.

Gary (from RRG) arrived on Sat morning  and he instantly diagnosed the issues - he knows all the fault codes by heart!

Turned out that all four wheels had been off the ground and the TRC/anti-lock sensors became totally confused . .

Has anyone else experienced this?

Spec K



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It was a shame that we didn't get to do the mountain at the sprint, very entertaining....if you are in to butt twitching moments, last time I was there on a dry day, you'd go over the mountain and the car would wiggle it's back end and the traction control light would flash like mad....but I couldn't get up there quick enough to get all 4 wheels off, good work Keith

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