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Changes to Projects & Builds - Introduction of Blogs

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Hi All,

We are changing the way Projects & Build threads are handled on the forum and as such all project and build threads have been locked and it will no longer be possible to post and new build threads there.

Instead we are introducing blogs, those of you who have been with the club from the get go will recall having the feature previously and it has been requested by a few and we feel it will benefit all going forward to have this.

It will essentially work the same although each update post from yourself will be able to be commented on individually, hopefully making dicsussion a bit more topical rather than things going off on a tangent and even if they do, it won't distract from the build itself.

You should all now be able to see "Blogs" under the navigation and be able to create a blog.

There are some restrictions, normal members are restricted to one blog, premium members are able to create multiple blogs and can moderate posts and their blogs themselves.

So what is happening to the old build threads? They will be staying but if you want to migrate things over you are welcome to do this manually, unfortunately there isn't any automatic process for doing so. If you want to start a blog and have a project thread already, it may be beneficial linking to it in your first blog post.

Many Thanks,


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I don't want to be a dick, but can't we have an option to keep existing Projects & Builds threads going? All it takes is to disable the permission for Members to create new threads and let the existing ones live on? You can then still force new member content onto the Blogs (for whatever reason) but without the forced migration for the ones in progress. Sorry to moan.


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The blogs don't seem to be working very well in practice, they are getting bugger all views. 

I think this is partly because they are right at the bottom of the mobile page, don't show up in recent threads etc, and no ones sure whether to copy paste old entries from the projects thread or just continue the thread without prior context.

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