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Brake upgrades - discs/pads?

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3 hours ago, KevinA said:

Can't believe I am still on stock calipers, just better discs and pads. Guess time will come to just go AP and done with it.

Stock brakes on an N/A car are fine for sprinting and short track sessions. Especially if you have disc with better cooling.

But with  +50% power and the desire to stay out on track for more than 20mins I found I was eating though pads (or discs or both) at an alarming rate. My HC800+ lasted two trackdays before they were finished, then moving up to clubracers they ate through ~0.5mm of the disc per trackday! The heat led to one of the piston leaking fluids eventually. 

Now with the AP 355x32mm disc I can run a soft, quiet "street" pad and do 30min sessions without fade or burning the caliper paint and losing scene points. 

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58 minutes ago, Ade said:

I dont think that is the same caliper as the STI brombo caliper but could be a good option. Id want to know piston sizes just to be sure though. 

I have just asked the piston sizes, well priced if it keeps the bias sensible.

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