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  1. Car audio aultinater upgrade

    Their "spec" is for some sort of "typical" output, a pure sine wave current is also given, it's 200A! The specs are here: https://www.rockfordfosgate.com/products/details/t1500-1bdcp/ Average Current Draw (13.8V Music) 100 A Max. Current Draw (13.8V Sinewave) 200 A That sine wave would be over the recommended wiring spec mind you, as well as drawing a lot of current from the alternator.
  2. Car audio aultinater upgrade

    Spec is 140A for the amps (100A for the t1500, 40A for the 60), which could exceed the standard alternator output (130A apparently). You should look into an upgrade if you intend to run them loud. Also 100A is pretty close to the maximum the specced cable can carry.
  3. No idea. I doubt they fudged it, it was done at RRG Toyota not some dodgy back street. A properly working cat should give very low values on closed loop, those readings are certainly not outside the realms of possibility. It might just show 0 if it's under the threshold for detection, which could be fairly high (given it doesn't fail until 0.2%).
  4. I'm running a TD tune incidentally, though not their manifold.
  5. Sure, here's one from mine, UEL catless manifold, stock front pipe:
  6. Insurance time of year! suggestions?

    Sadly for me the difference is a little more than slight. It would probably buy all the parts on my car just from the increase.
  7. Exhaust install help

    I hired a lift in a DIY garage place, made it a lot easier. It's a bit of a pain doing that sort of thing on axle stands.
  8. Stopping brake squeal?

    Cleaned them up last weekend, filed down the high spots on the slides, proper grease up with ceratec. Most of the powder coating on the tabs fell off at the merest touch of a file, so I think it's better off than on. All good so far, no binding that I can hear. It's nice pulling into the car park at work without it shrieking all the way in. Despite that, still plenty of meat on the pads, barely even half worn I'd say. One groove was completely clogged, oddly on the quiet side.
  9. Standard Airbox

    For future reference, about £76+VAT from Toyota for a new one. You got a good deal there.
  10. Intec 3rd Brake Light

    You could, but the sides are a bit narrow to get decent adhesion. It does fog in the winter a bit, I just leave it fogged.
  11. Intec 3rd Brake Light

    Mine is well stuck on again now. I used 3M VHB tape, the transparent stuff, it's stupidly sticky. I also added an extra piece of tape at the front of the brake light to reduce the twisting load on the rear tape.
  12. Intec 3rd Brake Light

    Mine has fallen off this week, going to try sticking it back on with new 3M tape. Someone over in ft86 club made a metal bracket that bolts into the ceiling which sounds like a good plan.
  13. Would normally be up for this, but I'm graduating that day.
  14. Stopping brake squeal?

    I think I should clean my rear pads up - they bind a bit when hot, sounds like they just need a bit of filing and greasing.
  15. Stopping brake squeal?

    No that was with stock pads. I currently have an intermittent squeak as my calipers bind a little when hot, really need to get them off and cleaned.