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  1. Total steal at that price. Someone should buy these.
  2. Alloy wheel help

    Looks like they have been superceded by the TC105X, which looks pretty similar. 17x8 ET42 is still listed: http://wedssport.jp/products/english/spectable/tc105x.pdf RRP is ¥48,500 which is roughly £344. Their EU shop has them for €460! https://shop.weds-europe.com/home/133-37013-wedssport-tc105x.html#/50-wheel_size_wedssport-17x80j_et42/124-pcd-5h_100 I got mine from Sumo Power, currently listed at £500 a pop: https://www.sumopower.com/Brands/WEDSSPORT/TC-105N/WEDSSPORT-TC-105N-1708042-500-TS-TI-72309 Not that different to mine, I got them pre-Brexit when the exchange rate was more favourable. £1500 delivered.
  3. Alloy wheel help

    I have TC105Ns in 17x8 (ET42) they are very light, under 7Kg, but not cheap.
  4. Problem With Heat Wrap

    I folded the ends in to keep the frayed part tucked away.
  5. Problem With Heat Wrap

    Didn't recall mine being that close, so found a pic from when I installed it, plenty of space:
  6. Is remapping nessecary if installing uel header?

    I have passed two MOTs with just the second cat, neither was close.
  7. Deacons '86

    Neither set were from ebay, could be fakes, but who knows.
  8. Deacons '86

    Entirely possible it was a duff batch. I had just treated the screen with g1 when I put them on. Currently running Bosch Super Plus which seem really good and are half the price.
  9. Deacons '86

    I tried aerotwins, found them smeary, so switched back to classic design wipers.
  10. I've used mine as a work light in a pinch, a couple of hours is maybe 10% battery. The led is very low power compared to the screen on a modern phone.
  11. Crawford Performance Intake Spacers

    You get it on strictly direct injected engines because combustion gases and oil (mostly from the crankcase breather) condense on the intake valve stems and leave deposits. Better fuels don't really help as the fuel never touches the valve stems. There's also not really a good way to stop it happening by driving differently or maintenance either, you just have to suck it up. The traditional solution, which the FA20 uses, is port injection as the fuel then washes down the valve stems as it in sucked into the engine.
  12. What to do with frozen windows?

    Pretty much what I do. The water warms the screen so it doesn't mist so easily.
  13. What to do with frozen windows?

    Cracks don't come from nowhere, if your glass is weakened enough to crack from thermal shock, it's weak enough to crack anyway pretty soon. Also in the UK we don't get cold enough temps for water to refreeze luckily, but I can see that being a problem in harsher climes.
  14. What to do with frozen windows?

    I use tepid water, seems to work. Unlikely to crack the glass as if the glass was that close to cracking you'd shatter it going over a bump in the road. I wouldn't recommend anything too hot though.
  15. RRP on a set of plugs is over £100 I think, so not "cheap", but not £600 either.