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  1. Nuts

    The only issue would be if the wheels have very narrow holes above the seats - you might not get a socket in on the standard nuts, so you'd need "tuner nuts" which have an internal spline drive.
  2. Schroth Rallye 3 ASM harness

    Long steel tube (think piece of scaffold) over a socket handle works for me.
  3. Rear brake pads fell out......?

    Whichever clown shop fitted them clearly went for the cheapest option without checking it was actually correct.
  4. Bringing an 86 back from the dead

    Do you have a service manuals? They have full specs and wiring diagrams for everything, so you should be able to trace the O2 sensor wiring schematic. Available here if not: http://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8374
  5. Reliability putting me off the 86.

    Mine's 5 years old and has done a little over 60K miles. From your first list I've had rust on the quarter lights (warranty replaced) but not the other issues. From your second list I've had a new fuel pump under warranty (fitted before I bought the car) and no other issues. It's not been an unreliable car at all, barely any time in the garage other than routine servicing and accident damage. The lack of a turbo and other highly stressed parts really helps I think.
  6. Mechanical switch?! My old car would detect from the GPS and automatically swap over (or so it said, I never tried it).
  7. Rev limit after gear change

    It might be the auto-blip or flat foot shifting getting confused. If it's fine in map 1 then that seems likely.
  8. I have a single Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 tyre for sale, has done approximately 500 miles, has been stored out of sunlight since it came off the car a little over a year ago. Located in Manchester, £50.
  9. UEL Manifold

  10. UEL Manifold

    Yes I can ship to Sweden. I'll try to get an estimate of shipping if you're interested.
  11. Insurance Advice

    Honestly? I think you'll have to give it another year. Have you tried taking the named drivers off?
  12. Insurance renewal time

    I'm also with Admiral, no one else gets close.
  13. UEL Manifold

  14. Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    What's the sound deadening insulation you used in the rear quarter panels?
  15. Clutch spring - remove or replace (MTEC)

    I'd replace. Not having a clutch spring could cause additional wear on the throwout bearing from the pedal weight.