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  1. £30 plus £5 delivery unless you can collect locally.
  2. I use BP 97 which seems ok. I may switch to 99RON as I do less miles now, and see if it makes any difference. Avoid 95 though, feels like it does the car no good at all.
  3. james_ly

    Valve failure 2014 GT86

    Might be worth phoning the dealer.. my car is a 2014 63 plate but it was eligible for the recall as I guess it was built in that time.
  4. james_ly

    Why do Toyota use DOT 3 brake fluid?

    I’ve tended to use 5.1 in the past on track and always been fine, I feel that the expensive fluids are a band aid for inadequate brakes/cooling.
  5. Noticed on the cap, it said DOT 3 only. I assume there’s no harm in using 4 or 5.1... but wondering whether to stick with Toyota stuff.
  6. james_ly

    Spare keys?

    Unfortunately probably the going rate for a modern key I was quoted £450 for a new OEM fob and programming on my old Boxster, and that was just a old style fob.
  7. james_ly

    Worst Car Ever Driven

    I quite liked the Aygo other than the terrible driving position and seats.
  8. james_ly

    Wanted - 16 inch wheels

    Thanks all. I found some VW Golf GTI mk4 wheels on eBay, fit perfectly and I’m pleased with the way the car drives.
  9. james_ly

    Wanted - 16 inch wheels

    No tyres I take it? How does the car drive on these compared to standard?
  10. james_ly

    New car

    True, it would still be a fun drive with sticky tyres as it's just a great precise chassis. What I would say though, is if it's not driven 'enthusiastically' I would think there's better cars out there, better engines, comfort etc. I happen to think it would make a nice driveway ornament too, cool looking cars.
  11. james_ly

    New car

    What I always say, is the low grip tyres is kind of the point of the car?
  12. james_ly

    BRZ vs Alpine video

  13. Preferably OEM wheels, if there’s any Primo owners around?