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  1. BenRZ

    Subaru BRZ badge Overlays

    If anyone knows anyone on any Subaru/BRZ forum could they drop a mention, as I would really like these gone. Just gathering dust now. Thanks! (not so obvious bump as well).
  2. Thought I’d post this as a separate topic as my lights are sold. I bought a set of Subaru Badge Vinyl Overlays from Premium Auto Styling. They are Gloss Black backs with a bright Red insert. You have on the backing: Front, Rear and Steering wheel badge. These are top quality and not some eBay special. I’m looking for £15 which is buttons compared to original price of £30. Posting only to UK addresses
  3. Lights SOLD Overlays still available but will post another topic so can close this one.
  4. Additionally, I have some Premium Auto Styling vinyl overlays for both Front, Rear and steering wheel which can be put inside the box for £15 oringally paid £30 from Premium themselves. They are still on their backing never removed from box. They are Gloss Black backing with a bright red insert. B65B8773-99F0-47DB-AF9D-F0B4B65474AB.jp2
  5. Hi everyone, coming to join the band wagon of selling my lights. I’m selling my just shy of a month old genuie Clear lens sequential FT86 edition Valenti tail lights. These lights aren’t found on any UK site and have been imported from America, I have re wired them to work as JDM/UK spec and work perfectly. Typically don’t see any clear lens on here and they have the switch to change them from sequential. I’m looking for £250 which is including postage to anywhere in the UK. Please no alternate offers. Thank you for looking! Lights are all back in the original packaging and are no longer on the car
  6. Hello everyone! I managed to pick one of my dream cars on Saturday, a 66 plate Subaru BRZ SE Lux in stunning crystal black. I have many plans for the car starting with some lighter alloys with stickier wider tires then onto some coils 🤔. Can’t forget about some tints and going for that full black on black look!