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  1. Hi buddy if this is still available I’m very interested
  2. Hi buddy this still for sale?
  3. Rich83

    Stock manifold

    Hi buddy I have an exhaust manifold for sale if you’re interested
  4. Rich83

    Meet up

    So gutted I only just saw this I’m in Hemel Hempstead
  5. Rich83

    Intec 3rd Brake Light £40

    Hi mate I’ll take it. Do you have the covers for the original holes? Can you please pm me your contact number.
  6. Anyone planing to stop the night before?
  7. Rich83

    GT86 auto folding mirror kit

    Hi mate these look awesome, will have to get some ordered on payday. Btw what’s the key fob you have? it looks so much better than the standard
  8. I’ve just booked too. fingers crossed this all goes to plan
  9. Rich83

    Shrader rear seat delete kit

    Thanks for letting me know buddy
  10. Rich83

    Shrader rear seat delete kit

    Hi is this still available ? thanks Rich
  11. Thanks guys having just read that thread I’ve just realised how much I like the guages I already have 😂. Thanks
  12. Hi guys does anyone know if it’s possible to retrofit the new facelift gauges in a 2014 car? thanks Rich
  13. Hi guys I’m considering getting a carbon siebon bonnet for my 86 however I’ve read in a few places that the lifters can damage it. Can anyonr explain why this happens and Is there a way round this? thanks Rich
  14. Awesome, what do I need to do to book etc? Will be great to meet other people who know there way around the 86😀
  15. Hi guys is this suitable for newbies with totally stock cars? I’ve just bought one today