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  1. ScoobyBlue

    Dash cams…

    Hi all. Anyone found a dash cam that is not overly intrusive? Road Angel Halo an option?
  2. ScoobyBlue

    New exhaust install...

    Got a non resonated Cobra for wifeys 86 - is this an ok install for our local garage or would it need a more 86 savvy place. BTW they have been ok in the past!
  3. ScoobyBlue

    Brake pads

    https://www.eurocarparts.com/brake-pads 50% off these prices
  4. ScoobyBlue

    Brake pads

    See a well known car parts seller is heavily discounting various items at the moment - worth upgrading brake pads to Brembos?
  5. ScoobyBlue

    Batteries 🤬

    Went for the Yuasa - good as gold! Thanks again everyone!
  6. ScoobyBlue

    Batteries 🤬

    Wifeys 86 had it’s battery replaced under warranty a couple of years ago and now it won’t hold a charge! Was flat last week - AA called, long run out and 3 days later bugger all. AA called again today, long run out. 3 hours later dead. Time for a new one as now out of warranty. Any thoughts on a good replacement? BTW - have a solar charger!
  7. ScoobyBlue

    Mishimoto bits

    Thanks for all the input. Wifey took the 86 out for a spin the other day and hates it. Says it feels like a diesel car now! Any thoughts?
  8. ScoobyBlue

    Mishimoto bits

    Cheers. Is this still OK or shall I ask them to change it?
  9. ScoobyBlue

    Mishimoto bits

    My wife has just got the 86 back from the garage, and got them to put in the Mishimoto induction hose, and she was given more bits back than I thought she would be getting back. Any thoughts please?
  10. ScoobyBlue

    Tyre pressures?

    I know, wrong thread!
  11. ScoobyBlue

    Tyre pressures?

    Just had some Michellin PS4’s on standard alloys put on - any thoughts on the correct pressure for these please?
  12. ScoobyBlue

    Service parts?

    Our 14 GT86 is due for it’s first out of warranty service next month. Have ordered a K&N air filter - any further things I should get / tell the garage to replace with?
  13. ScoobyBlue

    Wheel nuts

    Cheers. Interestingly they say not compatible with the 86.
  14. ScoobyBlue

    Wheel nuts

    https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/tpi-lightweight-alloy-wheel-nut-kit-closed-end-type-272493/ These any good then? BTW I’m not a techy car person!
  15. ScoobyBlue

    Wheel nuts

    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F292703960108 Was thinking of these - too cheap?