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  1. It’s amazing how much work is involved in the recall (looking at everyone’s pictures)...
  2. The track day at Anglesey was great thanks! I found it more challenging than Castle Coombe and Thruxton. The car travelled 350 miles to get there over 2 days, the only thing I noticed after the recall was that I had to top up the coolant level a couple of times, but it settled down before the track day. Three of us thrashed the car non-stop all day, nearly running out of fuel twice, so we certainly tested the recall work as far as we could. So far so good...
  3. Further to my post above, have just completed trip to North Wales from Bournemouth at late night motorway speeds uneventfully so have a bit more confidence about tomorrow’s track day.
  4. I’ve just collected my 15 Reg GT 86 (17,000 miles) from Westover Toyota Bournemouth after the recall work. I left the car for 6 days because it was easier. They gave me the impression they were trying as hard as they could to keep me happy - for example one of ‘the two GT86 specialists’ was happy to talk to me for as long as I wanted about the work involved and the training he had received specifically for the recall itself. He said they had done 8 already, there were two more to finish before mine and they were expecting about 24 more eventually. He also said he would make sure he used 5w30 oil as he remembered I had asked for this on my last service. I just paid £85 for new plugs. I had to make the decision whether to book in before, or wait till after, the track day I had booked for this Bank Holiday Monday (May 27th) at Anglesey - watch this space! I’m relieved my car is still within the manufacturer’s original warranty period and will absolutely make sure I extend this when it expires next year. Interestingly our friendly local family workshop owner/mechanic says he always takes out the dealer’s extended warranty on his own cars, when I asked him whether we should take one out on my wife’s CRV after the 3 year warranty expired. Fingers crossed for Monday’s track day when my son and brother-in-law are driving as well...