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  1. Full details on the link, but essentially a member of staff put them on his Golf, then lowered it, then found out lowering it made it impractical for him, so put it back to standard again and went back to standard wheels at the same time. They're very clean, and a perfect straight fit for a GT86! https://www.rarerims.co.uk/used-wheels/used-wheels-9438.html That's them! A healthy discount over new ones - we're also open to offers if you're keen...
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    Gaming Thread

    Sounds like you're a bit of an alpha gamer You'd fit right in with us lot!
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    Gaming Thread

    This is my kind of gaming... https://goo.gl/photos/XZKT3oCjJYQWUB5E8 https://goo.gl/photos/4yfPQJSmqeZkihZC7 Anybody else a convert on here?
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    Regular meets in the South West

    I am not sure if deepest darkest Devon is too South West for you guys... but I head to a SXOC meet each month on the first monday - at the Three Little Pigs in Crediton - it's just near work. It's a nice social, and a very pleasant if somewhat random put, I am sure you'd all be welcome - although if you're in Wales it's probably a bit far. People usually come from Plymouth / Exeter / Taunton type areas
  5. Hi everybody It's that time of year where I make my public service announcement - yes winter is coming, and it's time to think about tyres! Winter tyres are great for the colder months. And remember, just because you can get moving perhaps in a heavier 4x4 due to weight and AWD, it doesn't mean you can brake and/or turn, in fact generally it just means you can have a faster crash... Dont take my word for it, I have been busy on Youtube and found all of these to give you an idea of what I am blithering on about. Winter tyre vs 4x4 winter vs summer rwd winter vs summer winter vs summer braking summer vs winter cornering summer vs winter - slightly warmer conditions Summer vs Winter - fwd seats - braking / cornering / wet braking For some of us snow stops us once every 3 or 4 years for 1-5 days in that year - so isn't a big problem. Winter tyres are not just for snow, they are a better gripping and performing tyre compared with a summer equivalent as soon as the temperatures get below 6 or 7 degrees. Once it's that cold, summer tyres just do not get up to tempterature, but are rock hard like the worst kind of budget tyre, and perform as such or worse. Thanks for reading, here ends my public service announcement. Cheers! Ben