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  1. Well, I finally got it sorted out. I tried every day for 5 to 15 minutes to open the door, used plenty of WD40 and let it sit over night, but nothing worked. This morning I threw in the towel and called road assistance to have it towed. They sent a mechanic to see if he could get it open. Lo and behold, he actually managed to do exactly that. Using some weird inflatable pillow, he popped the window out of the upper frame (not destroying it), put a 2m metal rod in the car and pulled the handle. Nothing. Tried the other side. Same story. Nothing. Child safety lock was engaged. Don't know why, didn't care, all I knew was: Great, new window it is. But he was very persistent and Ta daaa! He actually got the child safety lock disengaged with his metal thingy. Popped the bonnet, booster pack onto the battery, car started, no alarm whatsoever. Checked, battery completely flat. So immediately of to the shop who installed the door 2 years ago. They took the door apart and looky there, some "pin was blocking the entire mechanism from working. Yeah, we won't charge you for that." Oh and a new battery of course. Sooo.... I almost went crazy trying every variation possible of turning a key, which there really aren't that many. But in the end my car was the odd one out from the odd ones out, not adhering to an oddity, making it even more frustrating. At least I got to sit in the sun while waiting for them to fix it (covid measures). Thanks for all your tips and tricks. I really wish everyone who has this very peculiar issue of not getting into his own car, a lot of patience and meditation.
  2. Oh ok, well I tried to turn to the back yesterday, then i read somewhere counter clockwise so I tried that today. But then I'll turn to the back tomorrow, thanks! And I'll make sure to let the WD40 soak for a couple hours. But! Watching the video, my key is turning way, way more?! :S Like, twice as far, with ease and nothing happens. I have one of these portable battery jumper packs that I use for my old mx5 to get it running. My plan was: Opening the door(somehow), opening bonnet, using jumper pack to start the car, give it a good drive on the motorway (not sure why, just felt like it), park it, open bonnet, close door, take out the battery, lock door, and then charge battery at home. I read a lot in here about the alarm going off. Why does that happen when you open it with the right key?
  3. Hey, thanks for the quick reply! Yeah sorry, I got the sides all wrong. I meant of course driver's side (but since we drive on the right hand side where I live, but this is a UK forum, I got all mixed up^^). So it's the left side, which is the driver's side in my case, which got replaced. I haven't sprayed any WD40 in it, wanted to get some but then remembered it's holiday and everything's closed. So I tried just like that. But it's really turning easy, like barely any effort required to turn it, until it stops. Then it stops hard and as I said, the key got bent. I'm turning anti-clockwise. Clockwise goes even easier, and it turns a bit further. I will definitely spray some WD40 in it tomorrow. But it feels so effortless to turn, I was really confused if that would help.
  4. Hey guys, so I came across this forum/thread because I have the exact same problem... Car is parked in a parking lot, wouldn't open with the key fob, tried both keys, no luck, tried both physical keys, absolutely nothing... I tried long and desperate enough, one of my keys is now bend. Then I had a sudden thought: Two years ago some douche tried overtaking when I was taking a left turn and completely ruined my driver's side (I live in Luxembourg/Belgium), i.e. the door got replaced. Is it possible that they replaced the door, but didn't actually change the locks from the new one to the old one? I have no idea how a new door is installed, does it come with the doorhandle/keylock etc. or just a door panel and they have to retrofit everything? If the former is the case, that seems the only logical explanation. If the latter is the case, wtf did Toyota think when designing that doorlock mechanism... I already contacted the shop who fixed the door, but it's holiday in Belgium and they don't open until Monday... I really tried 15, 20 minutes to get it open. Slowly, step by step, abruptly, with force, using an Allen key to get more leverage, nothing... I also have a video, if that would be helpful I can post that. The key is turning to about 11ish o'clock to the left, and 3'ish to the right. But then again, if it was a mismatching key/lock issue, would it even be possible to insert the key at all? Any help would be greatly appreciated!