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  1. Adamd

    Dan from Adrian Flux Insurance Services

    Esure only look at last 3 years of accident history. But just use confused.com, fill in the details for last 5 years as requested but the cheapest quotes will be the ones that don't look past 3!
  2. Had my recall work done by Huddersfield dealership this week. Provided a top-spec Corolla as courtesy car, communicated well, did the service and plugs (and diff oil, unlike some!) at the same time, washed the car, and charged me £130. Very pleased with the service received. Would recommend.
  3. The OEM tyres are notoriously shite. Can understand why someone wouldn't pay twice the price for tyres with a reputation for low-grip. Arguably putting hugely grippy tyres on this car misses the point anyway. Don't worry too much about it, get it bought and good luck.
  4. Adamd

    Res and muffler delete - how loud?

    If you want a better sound, have you swapped the airbox out? Mine is standard exhaust but still sounds ace with the after market airbox.
  5. Hi Can anyone advise on usual price for 60k service to be carried out at the same time as the recall? RRG Huddersfield are advising only a 20% discount over standard price leaving £316 to pay. I was under the impression having the engine out made this service hugely cheaper to carry out. Thanks in advance.
  6. Same, when I first drove one. It needs revving high to move forwards and to do that you need confidence and the right roads - neither appear on a test drive around town. If you're buying it for the looks and the unique approach to car design (lightness, foccus etc) then you won't be disappointed. The drive will grow on you the more you experience it.
  7. Hi, no sorry it's not. There's a video above that gives a good indication.
  8. Bump - exhaust still available. Open to offers.
  9. Bump - wheels still available. Open to offers.
  10. Bump - suspension still available. Open to offers.
  11. Hi, I still have this available - Sounds amazing!
  12. Adamd

    Lower seats

    Had same problem with some of the TVRs. Griffith and Cerbera were the only models I could get some level of comfort in with a couple of others almost impossible to get into, let alone get a comfy seating position. Probably need to try something like a Mustang as that will no doubt cater for the taller person. When I viewed the Cayman, the salesman did helpfully(?) point out that the 911 has far more space inside...
  13. Adamd

    Lower seats

    I'm a similar shape. It's not perfect in the GT86 but better than some - I tried a Cayman (2010) and the seat wont go back far enough. Boxster my head hit the roof. z4 was surprisingly spacious. MX-5 (mk4) I couldn't even get my left leg in to sit down! Have an e46 BMW and when I get the seat/wheel correct then the armrest is in the way of comfortable gear-shifting. The joys of being not-average. Reminds me of first-cars - wanted a 106/saxo but my feet were too big and caught the pedals!
  14. Adamd

    MatrixProtein's AVO boosted 86

    I'll pick it up for you...
  15. Looking for this little part. Can't find a part number anywhere in order to get it from Toyota - all the diagrams show it as part of the intake hose itself, when it's clearly a seperate part!