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  1. Adamd

    GT86 Severe Knocking Sound

    Good that they're taking responsibility. Again, I stress - the help you get in this situation is 100% down to what you ask for, and how much you push. They want to give you nothing extra, and for you to suffer silently (nothing personal, it's just the way business works). I'd be calling daily, politely pointing out that I am without my sports car due to their error and that I am unhappy and would like a resolution ASAP. - MENTION the owners/drivers club forums. I would push for a GT86 courtesy car, personally. I would point out that the only acceptable alternative would be an immediate lumpsum to cover the market value of the car plus a fair daily charge for time without it to-date - so you can return yourself to the situation you were in prior to their mistake.
  2. Adamd

    GT86 Severe Knocking Sound

    You will get the level of service you ask for. I would suggest, now that they have a clear idea that the fault is not yours - I would assertively ask for a GT86 courtesy car, and for a clear timeframe of when your car will be returned repaired, and I would request a brand new engine or an alternative car. If you don't ask, you will not get.
  3. Adamd

    2nd Gen GT86

    Unforgivable that it doesn't get the Yaris GR engine.
  4. Inclined to agree, but dont you need a pallet and appropriate plastic wrap?
  5. Well yes, it's advised to choose somewhere which has experience of doing the recall. Sounds like your uncertainty has stopped you booking it in. Seems you've made your mind up, not sure why you even asked the questions. Hope your valve springs hold on my dude!
  6. Have I missed all of these?! I would choose a dealership that has done a few, absolutely. But I'd 100% get it done. As I did, and did.
  7. Had my recall done earlier this year, all has seemed fine. But yesterday noticed the coolant had dropped to just below the minimum level on the bottle. I've topped it up ad booked it in for Toyota to work out what's going on. Any suggestions on things that could cause such a thing? I'd noticed it slightly lower than maximum a few weeks after recall, just asssumed that was normal for having had the entire engine out etc. But I haven't had a car lose coolant since driving shitboxes in my teens!
  8. It takes longer to remove the undertrays, than it does to replace the manifold and overpipe - half of which have to be removed anyway to do the recall! I asked for the 5 year / 60k service to be done at the same time, and was originally quoted the fixed price rate. I complained, politely, even saying "When I mentioned this on the online forum everyone said it was obscene" and they dropped the price to merely the cost of sparkplugs. I'd ask them to drop the price to a more reasonable one. Doesn't hurt to ask. I can't comment on the oil baffle.
  9. Adamd

    tweedbean's RS Green BRZ Build

    Hmmm, I had similar total lack of silencers (plus supercharger) and my cold start was LOUD too, but not with the unpleasant tone yours gives. Is that 'ticking' noise just the camera mic being slightly distorted or is the sound a good representation? Perhas the UEL makes the difference with the cold start - although when revving it sounds so similar to mine (I'm surpirsed how little difference there is between the EL and UEL listening to that).
  10. Sounds very frustrating. It is ridiculous how poor these cars are when it comes to battery drain for people who don't use them daily. Firstly, your battery needs replacing. If it's died that many times, it's now not worth dealing with and is compounding your misery. Buy a new and large capacity one, and start from there. That along with the solar panel mentioned above will do the job. Out of interest, pre-covid how many days a week did you drive it, and since lockdown how many days is it now being driven?
  11. Adamd

    tweedbean's RS Green BRZ Build

    Heh, yeah it'll be loud but they do sound tremendous. Mine was very similar, I would agree with the cold start - although I never bothered because I don't do early mornings so didn't feel too bad for my neighbours. It was surprisingly reasonable on the motorway, although did highlight how shite the OEM speakers are. Looks good so shiny! I should polish mine before relisting for sale.
  12. Adamd

    Depressingly basic touch and go?

    I think the boot beeping (when the car is locked but the boot is open) is when it cannot see the key - i.e. you've moved away from the boot but it's still open. I think mine does the same from time to time. You'll find it also does it if you leave the car door open and walk away? Try replacing the battery in the fob - they do not last long. The stereo is god awful - the UI and design are all the worst of any car I've seen. I have my phone connected via bluetooth with a holder next to the stereo so I never have to use the "touch" screen. That combined with an upgrade to the Focal speakers mentioned above means I'm content. The volume knob is still shite though.
  13. Why isn't this suitable?
  14. Billy, you're going to waiting years (decades?) for this. Just buy a car, get the remap/header done and trust the many, many, many people who have said it makes a big difference over standard
  15. Adamd

    tweedbean's RS Green BRZ Build

    Yeah I over-priced it I realised (now, a year later) but fair enough on the tips!