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  1. Adamd

    Any1 used Aliexpress?

    Oh, and fakes. Many, many, many fakes. Not all are total shite though - but be aware!
  2. Adamd

    Any1 used Aliexpress?

    Ali Express is a little like eBay (maybe with some elements of Amazon) - so there's a million different companies on there. Some great, some scammers. Import taxes will sometimes apply (and you are responsible for dealing with them) but many sellers will under value the items to avoid you getting any. If something's too good to be true - it is. Look for feedback, contact the seller before buying if it's a high-value item to make sure they seem genuine if you have doubts, and try to use the ali express buyer protections - I can't remember if they apply to *all* listings or not.
  3. Adamd

    2021 GT86 and BRZ

    Yep, a sequential.
  4. Adamd

    2021 GT86 and BRZ

    Seen the one with a V8 Ferrari engine?
  5. Adamd

    2021 GT86 and BRZ

    Drove e92 m3 extensively with both - manual is so much better. Drove new m4 with paddles - it's just boring. Had Gt86 with 320bhp, never had a problem with a manual. Some people like one thing, some another. I like the interaction with the car that a manual gives. No need to get so upset about a gearbox my dude.
  6. Adamd

    Bringing an 86 back from the dead

    Good to hear
  7. Adamd

    Bringing an 86 back from the dead

    Looking awesome. How does the wrap work with the arches and rivets - will they wrap the metal, and the arches seperately and then they'll be re-mounted? Or wrapped over the joints?
  8. Adamd

    Worst Car Ever Driven

    No. No no. No.
  9. Speakers are god awful, the focal kit which replaces front speakers is well worth the price. Very worthwhile upgrade and whack some sound deadening sheets in the doors while you do it.
  10. Performance mods, I assume you mean. Swapping manifold and a remap is the first step. Without the remap you won't benefit. It will pass an MOT. Tuning developments are the common choice - they have pricing on their website. Beyond that, the next step is either turbo or supercharger. Part of the cost for remap includes license cost for remapping tool so you don't pay for that bit twice. Toyota's charge for spark plug service is not too unreasonable now it's a fixed cost.
  11. Adamd

    Bringing an 86 back from the dead

    Thought you might have seen him already Yeah, the bodge-job approach got to me in the end and I stopped watching. Still achieved some rather impressive things though.
  12. Adamd

    Bringing an 86 back from the dead

    There's a YouTuber called 'B is for build' and I remember him saying that he found the fitment and quality to be better on the replica than the genuine Rocket Bunny kit. His series on the gt86 might be of interest to you.
  13. Adamd

    GT86 Dreams

    Waiting. What you're considering is illegal, would void your insurance, and could see either/both of you charged with fraud if discovered. Read the small print.
  14. Adamd

    GT86 Dreams

    Um, this is not how to 'play it smart'.