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  1. Bfranklyn86

    ***PRICE DROP**** Supercharged GT86 62 plate

    Mods can you lock this one please.
  2. Bfranklyn86

    ***PRICE DROP**** Supercharged GT86 62 plate

    First and final ‘BUMP’. Final price drop. £14500 Anyone wants this let me know today, otherwise I’ll part ex it. Ive done my bit by offering it to the community! It’s an absolute steal at that price. Basically getting one of the top forced induction systems out there, and a 2.2k high end brake kit, all for about 2-3k more than the car would be worth stock.
  3. Bfranklyn86

    ***PRICE DROP**** Supercharged GT86 62 plate

    Thanks, appreciate the support.
  4. Bfranklyn86

    ***PRICE DROP**** Supercharged GT86 62 plate

    Ok I’ve now got money down on my next car, and a decent part ex offer for this one. Here’s a drop in price by 1k.... so if anyone wants this then I advise getting in contact ASAP because I’m so so tempted to just take the part ex.
  5. Bfranklyn86

    ***PRICE DROP**** Supercharged GT86 62 plate

    Shame to see you selling up, a real bargain for whoever buys it! Yeh I’ve been in two minds about selling it for a few months now. I was considering keeping it as a daily and gettting something else quite ‘extreme’ for the weekends, but ultimately the Mrs and the bank manager are not happy with that.
  6. Bfranklyn86

    ***PRICE DROP**** Supercharged GT86 62 plate

    Thanks mate. That is a good shout - I did consider this but it would involve paying somebody to take the kit off and put the stock stuff back on, then reflash. No idea how much... I can’t do it myself. I also think that the car as it is represents a great buy for someone so I’ll try like this first. I personally was never interested in ‘a few HP here and there’ with manifolds, air filters, tunes, catbacks etc. I wanted a step change in performance and it’s exactly what I got, at a cost (£££). However, now that I’ve absorbed that cost, whoever buys this doesn’t have to! Not fair really....
  7. Bfranklyn86

    ***PRICE DROP**** Supercharged GT86 62 plate

    Thanks guys. Yeh I have to say that for anyone wanting to go FI, this is the smart way. Sell your 86, and for basically the same money or a couple of grand more get one that is absolutely rapid. This car has been treated very well and as Ade said, the parts I’ve bought are pretty much the best money can buy.
  8. Hi Everyone, I’m selling up to try something a bit different, but I would absolutely keep this if I could afford to! Brilliant car. 62' plate Toyota GT86 Silver, Leather and Nav, 49,719k on the clock. I picked it up 22/6/15 from a main dealer with 32K on the clock. Full dealership service history, up until the last intermediate service 7/12/16 (@40,937miles) which I had done by GT86 specialists Abbey Motorsport - I am ahead of schedule as this was supposed to be 50,000 miles. 11 months left on the MOT. Harrop Supercharger (£6k - Eaton TVS 1320) and stage 2 clutch (£300) fitted by Abbey Motorsport 28/8/16 - 238hp at the wheel which translates to around 285bhp engine power. (Stock 86 is around 160 wheel hp on Abby's Dyno) AP racing front big brake kit black (£2.2K) - fitted 5/11/16. HKS oil cooler (£800) - fitted by Abbey 4/8/17 Overall, the appeal of this GT86 is that the fantastic stock handling and looks have been retained, while the important deficiencies remedied: power, braking and oil cooling. Including fitting/mapping, over £10K spent - these are premium mods that are sought after, and relatively recently bought. Tires are Michelin Pilot Sport 4s with plenty of tread left. There is nothing that needs doing or fixing. I’m after £14,995 which I think is a good price given the performance. Give me a buzz on here if interested. Thanks, Chris
  9. A supercharged GT86 is a great daily driver though. The fuel economy is pretty good (considering the power to weight), it makes the drive fun if you’ve got good roads, and it’s quick enough for easy overtaking when you are running late.
  10. Bfranklyn86

    FI Heat Management (Under bonnet temperatures)

    As an FI owner, I only ever had a minor issue with oil temps on a very hot day on track. Then I bought an oil cooler and it was fine. Ive never had a problem with charge air temps (I.e power loss) or coolant temps even on hot days. I think it’s quite dependant on the FI kit too - traditionally (looking at FT86) it has been the turbo guys who have struggled. I also remember Cosworth’s Matt saying his one heat management mod would be the Beatrush undertray.
  11. @TTR what are you scheming here....? I assume your track car already has a built engine.
  12. Bfranklyn86

    Heel/Toe Advise

    Try just using less of your right foot for the brake pedal - almost just your right big toe (but safely obviously). Then there is enough foot to reach across to the accelerator.
  13. Bfranklyn86

    Dan J's BRZ

    Very nice Dan, 265 is decent. Enjoying the UEL rumble? Mine will be going in to Abbey at some point for a retune with an HKS EL, and Abbey HFC. Stock catback though so expecting 250ish.
  14. Bfranklyn86

    Dan J's BRZ

    It's because of all this that I will be keeping the stock catback. I don't want to be going anywhere near any noise limits - just don't want to worry about it.
  15. Bfranklyn86

    Dan J's BRZ

    Have you had a retune for the new exhaust setup yet?