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HKS Air intake duct advice

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Looking to pick up the HKS intake duct to improve air flow. Excluding the price does anyone know any down sides of installing it? I'm not interested in a full ram air intake so I'm currently trying to get the most out of the stock air box. I've got a UEL on the way and will get a tune after I've installed it so want to clean up the intake and squeeze every last HP out of the stock box to compliment the HP gain from the UEL when its tuned.

I'm currently running a K and N air filter and the Mishimoto induction hose so the HKS intake duct would finish it off nicely.

Im mostly worried about water ingress as I have read that the due to the larger opening more water can get into the filter box but I cant see why as its mounted at the same height as the stock intake so the same amount of rain water should find its way up to that point? 

Anyone with it fitted/had it fitted could shed some light on this or anything else worth knowing that would be great!

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