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Eibach pro-kit lowering springs advice needed

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Hi all

Just received the Eibach pro kit lowering springs I had ordered and I have a couple questions for anyone who has them fitted?

I had watched a load of videos on youtube before I bought them (mostly American owners) of people installing them on their 86's and almost all their kits has smaller bump stops and dust covers included in the box, but when I received mine I just had the springs in the box. I contacted the supplier and they said that they aren't missing form the box. So my question is do I need to perchance these separately, or do I need to cut the OEM ones? The box came with no instructions and I cant find any online.

Whilst we're on the topic of the Eibach's, im looking to install 18 x 8.5J ET:40 wheels does anyone know if will I have fitment issues with them hitting the OEM shock body now the car is an inch lower?

Many thanks 

(new to this forum and not sure if I posted this in the right place, so if not I can re-post if some directs me to the correct place lol)

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18 minutes ago, willclarke said:

Just re use the stock bump stops, mine have been fine

and to check fitment for wheels, this is a useful tool:


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oh okay cheers! I thought that might be the case, after all Eibach is a pretty high end spring manufacture and I didn't think they'd expect you to take a saw to OEM parts lol.

I have used that tool and its great but unfortunate it only shows fitments for stock suspension and coil overs, I was wondering if the OEM shock body with the Eibachs installed will stick further out and foul the wheel or does it just occupy the same space as the OEM strut currently does?  

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I had Eibach Pro-Kits on my previous Hond CR-Z and have H&R Super Sports on the BRZ.  Both are good springs with a good ride quality.  The stock shocks will not foul anything, they will just be a little shorter, when static, with the lowering.

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