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Fitting an aftermarket head unit to my BRZ inc step by step video

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Really pleased with the install of the Pioneer SPH-DA130 DAB in my 2013 BRZ.  It was super easy to get the stock headunit out and with a little trial and error to get new one in.  One thing I noticed is that people are trying to bolt the plastic spacers in between the metal bracket and the headunit, this is incorrect they should go outside the metal side brackets.  If you are looking for a helpful video, check out the link below, I am no expert so take this as guidance on how I did it, this isnt the only solution but has worked for me:  

The video description also contains all the bits I used to fit it.  Thanks for watching, its step by step so around 45 mins long:


49683797796_d2ae1d84e7_c.jpgUntitled by James Baker, on Flickr

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