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Front bumper damage

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A few weeks into GT ownership and I was the victim of a lovely individual who, with the spacial awareness of a toddler with their jumper pulled over their head, grazed the front right corner of my bumper. The result was the skin being pushed into the metal slam panel hard enough to dimple the skin outwards in two places (but not actually puncturing it), cracking the mounts for the O/S indicator (I have since bought Valenti smoked ones) and general annoyance at the f*ckwittery and inconsideration of the driver who didn't even stop and leave details.


I am now left with a damaged front bumper that is pretty much the only blemish on the car. With the damage to the skin, am I looking at a new one or will a paint shop be able to repair? I have always done my own work on cars, including bodywork, but that has always been on metal.


Further can anybody recommend me a paint shop in Midlands area that isn't going to have trousers down for a front bumper respray in Raven black?


Many thanks



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