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Burning smell coming from car.

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searched the forums and found cam plate cover leak however I’ve checked it and ran a paper towel under it and no oil is there. Also checked below to see if any dripping oil has left a mark on the overpipe and there’s nothing there. The smell appears when I accelerate through the gears topping at about 5k rpm. More so occurs when I drive up hill. Looked under the car to see if I’d picked anything up that might be burning onto the exhaust but nothing. Smell is intermittent so I can’t replicate it all the time.


many thanks 

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your problem is this car has a huge manifold thats not far off the same size the under tray. Couple that with every seal on engine being a liquid gasket and not a proper one little leaks are common nearly all catch the manifold and cause a smell. 

Id suggest getting a mirror and stick and looking round the front chain cover they often leak there.



Have a look at this:


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1 hour ago, CA11RBZ said:

Thanks for that rich I’ll take a look. With the timing case leaking is it serious ? 

Depends how bad the leak is. I would guess its only weeping so I would say no in that case!

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