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  1. CA11RBZ

    NRG full steering wheel setup

    MOT was fine I never got asked as the airbag light went out 👍
  2. NRG Neo chrome quick release NRG Neo chrome glitter steering wheel NRG short hub Resistors to cancel airbag light Cruise control bracket with bolts to attach stalk Everything is in brilliant condition only 6 months old £300 including postage
  3. Anybody know the law on tinting fog lights a different colour like purple? Obviously if you don’t turn them on whilst driving. Not sure the law on it as it’s not an item needed for you to pass an MOT. Just don’t want hastle from police tia
  4. Hi noticed on my bonnet along the top line near the window that the paint seems to be going funny like it looks like it’s fading or metal. It’s a black bonnet and the top edge has what looks like a green tinge, it’s not been resprayed however paint seems to have chipped off on the corner on the passenger side and the drivers side looks like this? I’ve circled the area not sure if this has happened to anyone else’s bonnet ?
  5. Just wondering if anyone has any different fender garnishes be it the brz ones or aftermarket aero looking ones? tia
  6. Anybody had a door resprayed? No damaged just needing it respraying in metallic black. Just after a figure I’d be expecting to pay contacted few garages but there all closed until Tuesday 👍
  7. CA11RBZ

    Burning smell coming from car.

    Thanks for that rich I’ll take a look. With the timing case leaking is it serious ?
  8. Hi, searched the forums and found cam plate cover leak however I’ve checked it and ran a paper towel under it and no oil is there. Also checked below to see if any dripping oil has left a mark on the overpipe and there’s nothing there. The smell appears when I accelerate through the gears topping at about 5k rpm. More so occurs when I drive up hill. Looked under the car to see if I’d picked anything up that might be burning onto the exhaust but nothing. Smell is intermittent so I can’t replicate it all the time. many thanks
  9. Panel gap on my bonnet is bigger on one side than the other. Anyone else have this issue not sure what the panel alignment is like from factory. Cars not had an accident or anything 👍 just wondering how I could sort it out if possible. Tried the bonnet latch positioning and the bump stops but can’t seem to sort it, it’s only a biggish gap on one side even then it’s not noticeable would just like it sorting Tia
  10. Getting a 6 digit number plate just wondering what size could I get away with to still cover the number plate holes? tia
  11. Might sound confusing but dvla is shut and I could do with some help. Cars currently got a private plate on it. I’m buying another private reg to put onto the car. Do I have to apply to put my current private reg onto retention or will me putting the new reg on the car automatically put the old plate onto retention? Just looking to avoid the process of taking my old private reg off, getting it back onto my old plates then assigning my new plate. Any help would be appreciated TIA 👍
  12. CA11RBZ

    Sebion Carbon bonnet

    This has sold sorry
  13. Anybody have the black traction control button they are selling ?