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Tom’s Front Strut Brace

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Just picked this up, but I’m not yet sure whether I’m going ahead with fitting this or another type of brace.

Looking online I think these are generally about £400 all in brand new (Approx £300 + shipping/VAT/Duty from Japan). So thinking £200 would be a fair price used? I’ve not seen another GT86 with one of these in the UK so quite rare I suspect?

Drop me a PM if interested. Located in Reading, Berkshire. Collection only. Not really looking for offers, just putting the feelers out there. Will probably keep it if its not worth £200 to anyone.




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Looks like a Tom’s strut brace to me, so no bubble burst...



Thanks for the heads up. I didnt know there were knock offs floating about. Without DNA testing it I guess we’ll never know lol But i’ve no reason to suspect its not genuine :)

Shame that companies are allowed to get away with blatantly ripping off other peoples parts.

Looks like im keeping it and putting it on my car then :)

Admins - Please close the thread. No longer for sale.

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