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Ohlins camber-bolt issue

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I have recently fitted Ohlins MP21 coilover kit and managed -0.30 camber up front and just over -2.05 at the rear. After almost a month to let it settle it’s gone in again to check the ride height, rear camber (it was a little uneven at the rear)  and to fit a set of Eibach camber bolts to get more neg camber up front.

After re-checking I will have to invest in a set of rear LCA’s as the cross camber has shifted further apart and is sitting at +0.39 🙄 The really disappointing news is that due to the Ohlins strut design in incorporating recess’s around the bolt holes the tab washer on the camber bolts cannot sit flush🤔 

Has anybody got the MP21 kit that has found front camber bolts that fit?

If camber bolts are out of the question I’m hoping Ohlins have not ‘conveniently’ incorporated a design allowing only their own adjustable top mounts as they are exorbitantly expensive😳

Any advice appreciated 

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If, you are using them with stock topmounts, and want to keep rubber topmounts for NVH sake, but willing to pay some, there is such option as Pedders top mounts, which also are rubber but eccentric (IIRC ~ 0.75dg extra camber).

No nfo on what and if camberbolts can be used with Ohlins. Maybe some other Ohlins user may chime in.

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16 hours ago, JCruz98 said:

what top mounts did you go with? How was the ride and the NVH after the install?

I first purchased the Raceseng top mounts who make them for both the stock suspension and specific ones for the Ohlins.

I have since purchased Ohlins own top mounts due to a possibility there was an issue with the Raceseng ones.  There was no issue. The issue has been finally diagnosed as a faulty front damper.  They are due to be dyno tested next week by an Ohlins service centre so once the warranty work is carried out (if it is a fault and if they uphold the claim) I will have a choice of which top mounts to put back on.

I can't really comment on how they differ in ride as the Ohlins have only been on with the suspected faulty damper. Obviously, they don’t offer any cushioning that the stock rubber mounts do but I didn’t find the ride harsh on either. That I suspect is because the Ohlins damping is so excellent.

The only physical difference between the two types is the Raceseng offer castor adjustment in addition to camber.

I will be putting one set up for sale when I am back on the road.

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