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A strange one this...

My GT86 Pro was registered by Toyota Derby last October.I purchased it earlier this month with less than 100miles recorded.

Given those facts I would expect that as of now the manufacturers warranty has about 4 and a half years left?

But,there may be better news.In the Service and Warranty booklet there is the following para:

"When does the warranty begin? The warranty period begins on the date the vehicle is delivered to the first retail purchaser."

So it will be a nice surprise to me if I now get the full 5 years!

What do we think? Is there a catch?


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I didn't know that, though I ordered my car so it didn't apply to me. If that's what it says there is no catch as such. I guess your car was in the showroom for the most part. 

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Just a follow up on this one.

I spoke to Toyota Customer Services and they tell me that the warranty starts from the first registration date...since they say a dealer registration means they have purchased the car.

I said,OK,I thought it was too good to be true that I would get a full five years warranty,but I told them that I considered the warranty wording misleading and should be changed.I doubted that the average person would  in any way consider that the dealer registering a new car  would in any way be "the first retail purchaser."

So there it is...anyway,still loving the car.Just gone over 500 miles and now going to 5000 revs and will work up to redlining it when I approach 1000 miles.



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