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2013 BRZ Stereo - No AM/FM signal

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Hope you can help. I randomly, lost all FM and AM signal on the BRZ. - CDs, USB work fine. It's still got the standard crappy green head unit fitted, and I realise after doing some reading / what research I could that the aerial is actually amiplified from a 12V pinout on the head unit itself.

So, before I go throwing money at head units, is there anything I should be checking which is a "usual" culript for loosing FM and AM signal? I've checked the antenna is still plugged in to the back of the head unit which it is



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Take the dash panel off, 4 bolts and take the unit out.

See if the antenna cable is connected to the unit. Check your fuses for a blown one too if there is separate amp for the antenna. 

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