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MID Database insurance delays

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hi all - have any of you had issues with the askMID (motor insurance database) updating when you've renewed/got a new car insurance policy? 

Adrian flux broker, ERS underwriter, renewed on monday, and is still showing askMID as 'not insured' , and a couple of calls now to them - apparently takes 7 days to update on there, which risks being pulled over by police obviously. 

Wondered if this is the norm, or just Adrian Flux?


I was pulled over around 6 months ago (therefore 6 months into my last adrian flux/ERS insurance policy) for 'no insurance', needless today an interesting phone call to them asking to update the MID database, after being put in the back of a police car for 20mins or so as they thought i was uninsured (and didnt have paper copy with me). As you can imagine i don't really want this to keep happening!


Thoughts welcome, cheers


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Had a few days delay a couple of years back. Similar thing, I got stopped by some very friendly and understanding police officers 🤔. Luckily i had a copy of the documents on my phone, still didn't stop them giving me a 40 min 'chat' at the side of the road. 

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Just an update, they said it can take up to 7 days to update from new policies. Called again on the 8th day (yesterday) as still not there and was told 'not really sure why it didn't work we'll try again'. Had this with Equity redstar before so if anyone is with them check the mid page!

After 'trying again' its updated within a day and showing as insured now, finally.

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