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Possible sell

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Hi all , I'm considering selling my GT86. Guess I'm after abit of a advice if I'm going to be pricing right. 

2016 GT86, Pearlescent white, FSH, 12 months MOT, very good condition, 28,000 miles. Sat nav. 2 year Toyota warranty still in place. 

Mods- Cobra decat manifold, cobra resonated exhaust, ECUTEK remap ( all work performed by fensport with invoices).

Smoked valenti sequential tail lights, xtrons head unit and focal speaker upgrade. 

Also Supplied with the car will be stock manifold, stock tail lights and stock head unit should anyone want to revert. 

I Was going to be pricing around £17,000? 

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Hi there,

From what I have seen people usually put the car back to stock and sell the mods separate. I know it is going to be a pain especially with manifold and remap but I believe that way people will be more likely to buy it. After all mods are personal choice and your mods might not be to everyone taste. This is what I have seen being discussed historically on the forum.

Anyone feel free to correct me. 




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Thanks for the replies. I've listed the car as is for now and see what the feelers are like. Matrixprotein I will give you a shout if I do resort to stock with regards to the tail lights. 

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