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  1. Due to selling the car, the final part to now be listed is my smoked valenti V2 sequential tail lights. Lights are in good condition and fully functional, There is light superficial scratch marks that can be seen when you hold them under direct light from where they have been cleaned during a car and wash but no scratch marks that are deep or damaging or visible in daily use. Have been on the car approx 8 - 9 months. £215 posted. Item location Lowestoft.
  2. GT1986

    Cobra UEL Manifold for sale

    Provisionally sold.
  3. GT1986

    Cobra UEL Manifold for sale

    Hello, Yes still currently available
  4. GT86 - 2016 D-4S For sale. 2 previous owners. Gorgeous Pearlescent white. Full service History - Last service and MOT completed at Toyota Feb 2019. Toyota warranty until April 2021 - (Clutch release bearing recently replaced under warranty.) 27,000 miles but will increase slightly. Satellite Navigation. Lovely condition inside and out. Subtle upgrades - Michelin PS4 tyres fitted all round. Cobra Resonated sports Catback exhaust. Smoked Valenti Sequential tail lights. (Stock taillights can be supplied). Please ask any questions. Just for information I work offshore on a 2/2 rotation so viewing wont be immediately available if I'm offshore when contacted. £16,000. Car Location Lowestoft, Suffolk. Limited on picture upload so more can be supplied or see Autotrader Advert.
  5. GT1986

    Cobra UEL Manifold for sale

    Dropped to £380.
  6. I ordered mine from this seller, heads up incase you aren't aware the import charge isn't included, was about another £30 if i remember.
  7. GT1986


    For sale XTRONS headunit that fits the GT86. Model PB78HGTP Box and manual included. Has been fitted on the vehicle for about 9 months. £140 plus P&P if not collected. Item location, Lowestoft,Suffolk. Now SOLD. Please close thread admin.
  8. For sale is my Cobra UEL Manifold, this has been fitted on the car for approx 5 months. I am returning the car to stock in prep for sale so that is the only reason for removal. Manifold brought from and installed and removed by the guys at Fensport. Small scuff mark where it originally rubbed on engine shield before being given some clearance and this is shown in one of the photographs. £400 Buyer to arrange courier or collection. Item location is Lowestoft, Suffolk.
  9. Not currently for sale.
  10. GT1986

    Possible sell

    Thanks for the replies. I've listed the car as is for now and see what the feelers are like. Matrixprotein I will give you a shout if I do resort to stock with regards to the tail lights.
  11. GT1986

    Possible sell

    Hi all , I'm considering selling my GT86. Guess I'm after abit of a advice if I'm going to be pricing right. 2016 GT86, Pearlescent white, FSH, 12 months MOT, very good condition, 28,000 miles. Sat nav. 2 year Toyota warranty still in place. Mods- Cobra decat manifold, cobra resonated exhaust, ECUTEK remap ( all work performed by fensport with invoices). Smoked valenti sequential tail lights, xtrons head unit and focal speaker upgrade. Also Supplied with the car will be stock manifold, stock tail lights and stock head unit should anyone want to revert. I Was going to be pricing around £17,000?
  12. GT1986

    Release bearing

    Yes it's squeaking when depressed, the technicians actually comments on the form were " squeaking noise inside bell housing, suspect release bearing". Thanks Mike, might give that a go.
  13. GT1986

    Release bearing

    I'm surprised they said the release bearing as it's not a rattle, it's more of a whoosy squeak on depression. Think I'll just monitor for now as don't particularly want to "possibly" part with £550 for no reason and it's still got a fair bit of warranty left at the minute.
  14. GT1986

    Release bearing

    I took my car in for service and mot yesterday. I asked them to advise on a noise coming from the clutch when depressed. They have advised they actually suspect it to be the release bearing, which would be covered under warranty, however they also said if they strip it down and it's not that and does end up being something else I'll get stuck with a £550 Bill. Anyone had issue with their release bearing? Mine is 2016 plate.