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Track Suspension Options from CGR Automotive, AST, Nitron, KW, Intrax, Ohlins, BC Racing, RSC

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So we thought we'd give a breakdown of the various suspension kits we offer for the GT86/BRZ Platform and show prices and specs of each kit to give you a good idea of what options you have in order to get the perfect set-up for you.

It's a bit of a read so if you'd rather just speak to us direct, drop us a line and we'll happily go through the options with you :) 

The prices we're going to quote below will include our comprehensive fitting and set-up service which includes installation of your chosen kit, corner weight balancing to your specs and full 4 wheel-geometry and final set-up ready to get you straight on-track or to make sure your road car drives as well as it physically can.

BC Racing;
Bc Racing offer quite a range for the 86/BRZ platform, and value for money wise they're absolutely unbeatable, fully customisable to your specs too.

BR - £1465 The BR Model is what we consider our entry-level kit, despite this the spec list is phenomenal and they're drive great on track and on the road. Camber adjustable front top mounts, combined 2-way adjustable damping and independent spring pre-load and height adjustment means you can truly get your set-up perfectly dialled in!
The BR series coilovers use a large 46mm diameter piston in a 53mm diameter damper body to maximise oil capacity. As the damper unit opearates the oil contained within heats up. The viscosity of oil changes as its temperature varies which can lead to changes in the damping characteristics of the unit.


RM - £1536 The BC Racing RM series feature high quality damping adjustable monotube inverted dampers at the front or front and rear, depending on vehicle. The RM coilovers offer the majority of the features of the BR series but with the additional benefit of the inverted damper unit. Inverting the damper unit brings with it a number of advantages.
Unsprung weight is reduced by moving the oil and gas reservoir way from the hub and attaching it to the shell. Unsprung weight is vital to a cars performance as a lighter wheel and hub assembly which readily moves in response to road bumps will have more grip when tracking over an imperfect road.


ER - £2050 BC Racings premium flagship coilovers are the external reservoir ER Series with separate compression and rebound damping adjustment. The ER Series coilovers bring with them the high quality and unique features seen on the BR and RM type but have the additional benefit of external reservoirs and the ability to allow the end user to individually adjust and set compression and rebound damping rates.
The external reservoir ER Series coilovers allow BC Racing to increase the oil capacity of the damper unit. The additional oil capacity reduces peak oil temperatures which decreases variations in damping rates due to oil viscosity changes. The reduction in damping rate variations improves handling and ultimate on road and track performance.


KW Suspension;
KW are synonymous with suspension technology and winning races. They've been building suspension kits for decades so their development process and testing procedures are far beyond what most other competitors can offer, and this translates directly into their range of track products for the 86/BRZ platform. They also offer some more road-friendly kits, just get in touch for more information on those.

Clubsport 2-way - £2978 The Clubsport kit has been specifically designed for cars wanting to run both on the road but also have excellent track performance, they come with a big advantage of having completely independent compression and rebound adjustment so you can truly get your set-up perfectly dialled in depending on which track you're at or where you're using the car. Some tracks will require completely different compression and rebound settings to others so you can really get your car setting the best laptimes by having these solely adjustable. They also come with camber adjustable top mounts, stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance, and pre-configured and thoroughly tested spring rates/valving - the ultimate Nurburgring tool.


Clubsport 3-way - £4048 Using the same technology as the 2-way kit but with the added advantage of being able to adjust the low speed and high speed compression damping separately, as well as of course keeping the rebound damping completely independent. This is the perfect set-up for those wanting to keep the car balanced on tracks or bumpy b road where keeping the low speed and high speed compression adjustable is vital, mainly a more high-end track or racing kit the advantages can still be felt on the road.


RSC Suspension;
RSC Are a small swiss company who make extremely high quality suspension units built to order, fully customiable even down to the colour of the components units on the kits for that extra personal touch.

RSC Competition Pro - £3361 The competition pro kit is designed for high-end fast road use or track-use and comes with some excellent features, camber adjustable top mounts, combined 2-way damping adjustment, 47mm piston diameter, Active Mechanic Progressive Adjustment (HPS AMPA™ System) (Automatic mechanically progressively regulating piston valves), Independent ride height and spring pre-load adjustment.
The extremely responsive behaviour of the dampers means hitting big bumps and kerbs doesn't unsettle the car, and you can also run stiffer springs without reducing comfort as the dampers allow the wheel to move where it needs to without having to heavily damp the movement to stop resonance.



Ohlins Road and Track - £2624 without top mounts/£3695 with top mounts front and rear Ohlins are possible the highest regarded name when it comes to suspension in the motorsport world, the build quality of all the components used in the Ohlins kits are second to none and the damping technology used is truly world class. They're DFV technology means excellent ride comfort while retaining body control on-track and through the corners ( https://www.ohlins.com/ohlins-unique-dual-flow-valve/ ). They're fully rebuildable and valving can be adjusted if necessary, with the top mounts selected you can then adjust the camber on the front and get solid rear damper mountings, 2-way combined compression and rebound adjustment, front strut is inverted for super low unsprung weight, independent height and pre-load adjustment with excellent corrosion resistance and finish. 


AST Suspension;
AST Specialise in track set-up cars and kits specific to getting the most out of your vehicle on and off the track, by using high-end damping techniques you can retain road comfort while still setting healthy lap times, or go for a fully track specific set-up which will see you getting past cars you never thought you could, they also come with the option of double digressive pistons

5100 - £2690 Without Top Mounts/£3519 With Top Mounts  The 5100 Series shock absorbers utilise inverted / upside down technology. The inverted design is race proven technology and produces an extremely strong damper, providing better suspension geometry under heavy lateral and braking loads as seen in a road and track environment. Rebound adjustable with independent height and spring pre-load, will come with adjustable drop link mounts too to save cost on adjustable drop links when setting the car up properly, inverted damper keeps unsprung weight to a minimum, optional double digressive pistons and optional DLC shaft coatings.


5200 - £4069 The 5200 Series are 2-way adjustable shock absorbers which are based upon competition 3-way adjustable shock absorbers. The 5200 shock absorbers are adjustable in compression and rebound. High end, track ready suspension that is totally streetable, fully upgradeable to 5300 spec, rebound and Compression Adjustable, remote reservoirs allow additional travel, heat dissipation and increased oil/ nitrogen gas capacity, 44.5mm diameter shaft struts are inverted and offer exceptional strength, which in turn reduces geometry change under corner and braking manoeuvres.


5300 - £4586 For the best performance on the track, AST Suspension designed the Competition 3-way adjustable series. The 5300 Series shock absorbers are rebound adjustable in 12 positions. The highspeed compression is adjustable in 12 positions and the lowspeed compression is adjustable in 14 positions. Both compression adjustments are made using an external canister. All adjusters work completely independent.


Nitron Racing Shocks;
Nitron boasts over a decade of success, celebrating prestigious race wins and lap records around the world. Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK. The manufacturing quality of Nitron products is absolutely unrivalled and this translates into a far better product both on and off the track.

R1 - £3493 The NTR R1 system offers unrivalled performance and value with a design that gives drivers a wide range of effective, easy to use damping control. 2-Way combined damping adjustment. Developed from the R3 system, the R1 offers exceptional performance, reliability and value for both road and track use. With camber adjustable front top mounts, solid rear top mounts, independent height and spring pre-load and adjustable drop link mounts you can really get the R1 kit set-up for serious performance. The high-grade materials protect against corrosion whilst reducing weight. Every R1 kit is custom built, sprung and fully serviceable. Titanium and hard-anodised parts are hand built to last not only season after season, but also the harshest of winters.


R3 - £4519 The NTR R3 system sets the standard for ultimate performance with a design that offers drivers and engineers unparalleled damping control. 3-Way independent damping adjustment. By incorporating our class leading large diameter piston and ultra-strong piston rod, the R3 system demonstrates outstanding levels of performance, damping control and adjustment. Piggyback or remotely mounted reservoir allows quick and simple independent adjustment of rebound and fast and slow compression damping. The large range of adjustment and quality of feedback allows the experienced driver to fully exploit the full potential of their car. The R3 is a proven race winner and lap record holder across a wide spectrum of international motorsport formulas.


Intrax Suspension Technology;
Intrax are without a doubt one of the best suspension companies worldwide, and produce some of the finest and best handling suspension kits physically available on the market today, they offer various guises, specs and options to suit every need allowing you to get the exact right set-up for your car. Before ordering we take many details including car usage, tyre size and type, wheel dimensions and type, and any other chassis changes e.g roll cage fitted, lightened e.t.c to make sure the damper set-up is built perfectly for your application

RSA - £3220 Intrax chooses one knob for the damping adjustment. With this one knob you can set different damping settings. When you adjust the knob, both rebound and compression will be adjusted in the correct damping force. This unique system makes it very easy to find the correct setup for your driving style and road conditions. Finally the damping system is equipped with a heat device (thermostat) to insure damping force stability and optimum performance during all different operation temperatures. For the front we have a 40mm upside-down shock absorber.


The RSA set can be equipped with an 1K2 46mm rear shock absorber, an aluminum lightweight, larger damper for better cooling. The 1K2 is very strong, suited for more circuit usage. - £3460


1K2 - £4060 We can also offer you a full 1K2 set for the front and rear with a larger diameter 45mm front struts for extra strength. The 45mm upside down configuration gives an even higher installation stiffness (less flex) in the Mac Pherson front suspension of your GT86/BRZ. Which enhances the handling, overall grip and feeling in the car.


All the Intrax kits come with camber adjustable top mounts as standard, 4-way kits, XL upgrades and Intrax Proprietary Anti Roll Control options are also available as well as black titan coatings.

For any more information on any of the kits above or for any of the products we sell, please don't hesitate to get in touch and see what we can do for you :)

01709 530871


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