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Stopping brake squeal?

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Worth doing I think Rich, I can only imagine it’ll get worse!

After the awesome track day last Friday I was hoping I had killed off my discs and pads coz they looked low when looking thru the wheel but no such luck lol

The rear discs are only half worn at 17mm with over 4mm of pad depth still to go. Similar situation with the fronts. Boo!

I was surprised to find that the centre part of the grove in the rear pads was clogged up already after less than a month since cleaning it out, but the groves in the front pads were still clear after cleaning them all the way back in December. Madness. Still no squealing... yet!

I guess I’ll have to spend my brake money on another track day now

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Cleaned them up last weekend, filed down the high spots on the slides, proper grease up with ceratec. Most of the powder coating on the tabs fell off at the merest touch of a file, so I think it's better off than on. All good so far, no binding that I can hear. It's nice pulling into the car park at work without it shrieking all the way in.

Despite that, still plenty of meat on the pads, barely even half worn I'd say. One groove was completely clogged, oddly on the quiet side.

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