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Donington Park - Lotus on Track - 29/10/15

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Thursday was my first time back on a proper track (besides Curborough but that was a small sprint circuit) with the Lotus on Track guys and what a track, Donington Park is a pretty epic track, not as amazing as Cadwell but still a very good track, just a shame about the weather. Very nervous to begin with but after a bit of tuition and learning the lines, I quickly got into it again. No off's at all for me, ran a lil wide a couple of times but it was mega wet and I wasn't feeling the brakes. Sometimes didn't feel like it wanted to stop, as mentioned before, there's nothing to begin with, then some good progressive braking until it eventually stops but did feel like if I pressed harder, it would normally stop more, which is fine on the road since I never really needed to stamp on them, but on track, I soon discovered that it sometimes didn't want to stop even when harder on the brakes so might need to do something about the brake fluid or even changing the pads. But since I was taking it relatively easy due to the wet weather, it wasn't too bad. Videos to follow when I get round to compiling them.















Some other pics can be found here - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153900467867018&set=pcb.10153900478737018&type=3&theater

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Have created a playlist on youtube channel for videos here (note some of the very slow laps in my vids were waiting for other GT's to lap me, so I could video them, as I had no chance of catching the Advan boys!)

Have had a search around on youtube and dropped in those done by Honda and Lotus chaps as well (let me know if you come across any others)

Really showed up for me how good the Yokohama Advans are in the wet compared to the Primacys, Alex Keith and Mike were miles faster than Dan or I wanted to go on our eco tyres :huh:


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<Moderated before posting>


When you took me out in your car I was surprised at how confident you drove! You were certainly on the pace and taking it to a realistic limit - and you could have gone seriously quicker with more circuit experience.

I was lucky to go out with everyone there in their own cars and it was a genuine pleasure. There was focus (tempered with caution due to track condition) but yet again the GT86DC entrants proved themselves a worthy group to be considered by asny trackday organiser. Well done everyone!

I have to say that the L-O-T guys are a super bunch. And I would counsel all to read their 'pace notes' for every circuit (on their website) before going out on a new circuit, they are really well researched and informative - like which kerbs are serious rumble strips and which can be ingnored. Am  I the only one who thinks their style and method is so much friendlier and laid-back on trackdays than others?

Well done Rob275 in organising our 'intro' to a great bunch of people. Good organisation and excellent value for money - I would love to do a weekend in France/Belgium with them.


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Thanks Keith, I was only that confident because of the initial tuition I had, once the instructor showed me the lines, I could then focus on getting the speed down and build on my confidence, and thanks for the tip on one of the corners, didn't notice anyone else cutting that curb like we did.

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