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Colour Car

Found 1 result

  1. Dunno if I'm not searching hard enough.. but has anyone made a definitive thread of "rattles and noises", it seems the car has a lot of rattles that mean different things. Right at the moment I think I've got a few of the less serious ones , but I can see by having a search as your car gets older there are other things that crop up... Parcel shelf Bung fibre cloths up the holes to push the parcel shelf up Also, it can be the two little plastic covers that sit on top of the parcel shelf Door cards Wiring looms knocking against something The sides of the switch gear box in the arm rests vibrating slightly C pillars plastic trim I've found adjusting/pressing them "a bit more home" helps, dunno if they get loose, or just mine were fitted in the factory "slightly" wrong "Something" in the Middle Air vents "Something" in or around the instrument cluster making a kinda metallic rattling sound at around 3k rpm or rough roads <- very hard to describe Update: looks like it could be something to with the steering column, I found this after digging a bit: https://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39630&amp;page=2 I "know" there are a lot more to do with serious mechanical stuff... fuel filter noises, the infamous "crickets", exhaust shields, suspension knock, worn ball joint noises, but I'm hoping I'm a looooong way off experiencing those yet!