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    BUMP, still here. Anyone for a strut brace?
  2. AJ124


    Still available.
  3. AJ124

    Incoming Part Out

    Did you get chance to check James?
  4. AJ124

    Incoming Part Out

    Assuming it's undamaged, I will take the TRD spoiler please. Please provide some pictures.
  5. AJ124


    Strut brace still available
  6. AJ124


    Still here
  7. AJ124


    Perrin strut brace still available
  8. AJ124


    Tein Flex A SOLD Perrin drop links SOLD
  9. AJ124


    All there, pics attached. There is a full set of spare bushes also. Pics attached.
  10. AJ124


    Just went through the pics on my phone. Got nothing other than an old engine bay pic that doesn't show anything useful. I will get it out in the light and take some pics asap. I should do, as the AST ones came with mounting hardware also. Again, will check when I am home next. (Fri pm or sat am)
  11. AJ124


    They are for the front. Unsure about working on a non lowered car, I fitted them with my flex A's as like you my poem ones had died. These ones; https://www.perrin.com/shop/suspension/frs-brz-front-endlinks
  12. @Mark@Abbey M/S for a Harrop, at least that's what I have done! Mark will look after you well.
  13. AJ124

    Black Friday Sale on Part-Box! Up to 25% OFF

    Does the 25% off cos worth pads need a code?
  14. AJ124

    CSL style bootlids

    There was someone on a German GT86 forum that was making some decent looking ones, I might have it bookmarked somewhere, will have a look and post the link if I find it. Found the link, it's dead. was on gt86driver.de
  15. AJ124

    Deacons '86

    I have a set of AR-1 on the way, I was between the two also. But managed to get a silly deal on some AR-1's through a friend. I will let you know how I get on with them.
  16. AJ124

    MartinT's BRZ

    That looks lovely!
  17. AJ124

    Replacement for Ohlins R&T

    @Rexer200 I went with them as they are fully customisable in regards to valving and spring rates. I can tailor them further if needed, much like Deacon has done with his Moton's. The raised top mounts were a big factor as it regains 30mm of travel. I can't give any feedback until I fit them, get a geo set up and put some miles on them on roads I know well, then I can offer comparison to the flex A's. The flex A's for the money are good, but if you have more budget there's defiantly better options. I have been a passenger in Ade's Ohlins equipped car on track and it was far more controlled than my Tein set up, we were both running the same tyres at the time, so that eliminated one variable. I was put off Ohlins by some recent QC issues a few member on the other forum had with newer kits, not sure if they have been resolved. On my B road 7 mile journey to work there is at least 6 points my car hits the bump stops up front travelling at 60mph, I am only running 15mm lower than stock.
  18. AJ124

    Replacement for Ohlins R&T

    I am about to go from Flex A to AST 5100. The tein's just don't cut it on a B road and a bit soft for track work. AST offer a raised front top mount which should be a helpful addition, I am assuming its the same top mount @Deacon has on his Moton's.
  19. AJ124

    USDM / JDM Parts

    Have used Amayama and Japanparts before, no issues with either.
  20. AJ124


    Will have some Tein flex A's in a few weeks time, just waiting for my new ones to be built.
  21. interested, price dependant.