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  1. macauleyyoung

    Front N/S Indicator Light SU00302539 cable anyone help?

    Thanks really appreciate it Conscript
  2. Hi does anyone know where to find this cable to fit this part. Recently crashed my car and this cable has gone I know what it looks like can’t find it already ordered this off eBay and it’s came without the cable to plug it in https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Toyota-86-GT86-Front-N-S-Indicator-Light-In-Bumper-2012-2016-SU00302539-/223539260113 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/393076271881 thats the connector can’t find it separately thanks, Macauley
  3. Hi is anyone selling a selling front near side passenger side fog light trim? light this one, need the passenger side one Thanks, Macauley
  4. macauleyyoung

    Can anyone help me- crashed my car

    thanks so much Samwise
  5. macauleyyoung

    Can anyone help me- crashed my car

    So i crashed my gt86 2015 friday, got lucky very lucky, i need a new front near side passanger fog light trim with lights, does anyone know where is best to buy this from? Got a new front bumper coming tuesday, just need the lights and trim, If anyone could help i would really appreciate it Many Thanks, Macauley
  6. Hi, So was driving home friday span out and damaged my front bumper with that the front passenger side panel fell off and fog light are damaged to, is there anyone got this spare which i could buy? ordered a new bumper just struggling to find fog lights with the factory carbon fibre trim, Ive got GT86 2015 Thanks, Macauley