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    Catless header and heavy rasp

    Hello, So I've recently installed the TD EL catless manifold and overpipe and it resulted in some really heavy rasp. At first I thought it was because of the new catback I installed at the same time (HKS Hi Power Spec L Carbon), so I tried removing the catback, then putting back the stock one, and got the rasp either way so I'm guessing it must have something to do with the manifold. My front pipe is stock. I've also put an o2 defouler to avoid the CEL code until I get a tune, not sure if it could have anything to do with it. I'm a bit confused as I can read on the forums that there's supposed to be some rasp when removing the first cat, but then there are youtube videos of people installing a catless header and removing the muffler that have no rasp at all. I've attached a recording to this post, this is with the stock exhaust and from the driver's seat, windows open. Is this to be expected, knowing that I've kept the stock front pipe? Is there possibly something wrong with my installation ? What can I do to fix this ? It's really unbearably loud even with the stock catback so sadly I avoid driving the car for the moment.. Thanks. rasp.mp3