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  1. Hey everyone, I have just joined the forum as I am looking to buy a GT86 and wanted to get a bit of an insight from current owners, especially in the power department. I've had a read through the "What to look for when buying a used GT86/BRZ" I am currently driving a Honda Integra DC5, (mostly stock with a few basic mods) which has been a fantastic car, but I've had her for about 5 years now and looking to make a change. I have been looking around, and the mixture of great looks, quality handling and a well balanced car seems to be exactly what I'm looking for which lead me straight to the 86. I am searching for a TRD model, mostly because of the improved airflow to the exaust, the bigger wheels to improve traction and the bigger brakes. (again this is only from what I've read so please let me know if this is true/worth the extra premium for the TRD model) The main issue (which seems common) is power, or more specifically the torque dip. Obviously it seems a common way to sort this is with forced induction, but this is obviously a costly mod, and also puts extra stress on an engine that wasn't originally built for it. My wonder is; will increased airflow, and a re-map sort this issue out? Or should I keep an eye out for one that is already boosted? Also, I'm based in Cobham, Surrey and wondered if there's anyone down this way and which local garage would be good for the work? I currently take my car to TGM for any work needed as they know those cars inside and out, and looking for something with a similar feel when I get a GT86. Thanks, and look forward to joining the squad soon! Max