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    Tweedbean reacted to Gudzy in Hi popped in to check up on another project and wondered how you were getting on with   
    Hi James, yeah, its treated me well. I think the only problem has been having the battery changed under warranty. Not really done any massive changes, I fitted all the exhaust bits and went with an invidia q300 backbox. Had that on for a couple of months before swapping for an invidia n1 as the q300 was far too quiet for me. Also fitted a takeda intake and buddy club rear lights and had the heated seats wired in. Had the suspension raised back up to the standard height of the teins as it's my daily and some whiteline drop links fitted. I keep looking at the tuning developments turbo kit but I'm 30 in March and thinking of just treating myself to a different car though, which at the moment is between a 987.2 Cayman S, Lotus Evora S or as I'm a mod on the 350z-uk forum, probably most likely a 370z mk2 nismo. How about you, still in the mini you got last year? Cheers Tom