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  1. kellya

    Gear Indicator?

    I don't have my manual to hand, can anyone tell me if its the same as this?
  2. kellya

    Gear Indicator?

    I got my 86 just before Christmas, its a 14 plate on around 35k. I noticed from looking at some other posts that I don't seem to have a gear or shift indicator on my tac, I youtube'd it and followed the steps but still can't get it to appear. Is it only on later models or am I missing something?
  3. Looking to replace my red OEM wheel and red OEM handbrake with black. Willing to trade also
  4. Where did you manage to find an all black one? I'm trying to do the same as you 😂
  5. kellya

    GT86 Interior

    Any chance of you selling the floor mats on their own?
  6. Are these still for sale? I live in Bedworth so I can come take a look if you're free.