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  1. Its been a couple of weeks now since the recall work and new clutch fitted, engine is a lot livelier and seems responsive but the clutch doesn't feel right, it judders in first gear in traffic and hill starts are a challenge .Is this normal with a new clutch or is some adjustment needed the pleasure that i use to have while driving as gone .Also noticed in stationary traffic oil light flickers but goes off if i blip the throttle as if the idle needs adjusting,checked oil level and is fine.Any suggestions
  2. Just had my 86 back today after recall work, told them i wanted the spark plugs changed when engine out.After inspection was advised that i needed a new clutch as well. Picked up today from frf toyota in swansea in for 3 days ,price for spark plug change and new clutch came to £239 all in not bad when i hear of other prices on here. Car feels different and quieter than before drove home with radio off to listen . Dealer stated that the car was due a service in april and would send a reminder to book in 3 months after a full rebuild they want to change the oil again i think i will pass . Cannot fault the work done on the car and service given by frf swansea in dealing with the recall and hope now to enjoy driving the car without anymore worries.
  3. Lookin for a rear camera kit to fit to my stock head unit TAS300 with sat nav, if someone has a complete kit or point me in the right direction not afraid to take things apart and fit myself, just need everything plug and play or a bit of diy.
  4. Sergeantp

    Sat nav slow to update position

    where did you place the sat nav antenna i recently purchased a sat nav from a member and downloaded the fitting instructions from here 086A_GT86_Touch_and_Go_RHD.indd https://www.toyota-tech.eu/aimuploads/dfccbd8c-1feb-47c1-9f0c-4deec1f30c31/GT86_RHD_Touch_and_Go_PZ490_00331_00_AIM_002_551_1.pdf the antenna needs to be placed in the instrument binnacle
  5. thanks my e mail is to discuss.Steve
  6. Will take it for £150 delivered do you accept paypal ? steve
  7. Hi Ian what would be your best price posted ,i can send money by paypal. Since enquiring i have had another member contact me with one for sale but no price as yet. Steve
  8. Hi there i am new to this forum and i am wondering if the radio headset is still for sale?