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  1. OnlyNothing

    BRZ / GT86 Front Strut Brace

    Bump price drop.
  2. For sale is my front strut brace used for no more than 5K miles. Located in Redhill, Surrey. Prefer collection. Asking for £55
  3. Here is a mod I bought a while ago but never got a chance to put them onto the car. As I am considering selling the car, I want to gauge who'd be interested in this. The kit has been labelled very well so you'll know where everything goes. I took the kit down to intermotiv when I first got it and he said the kit looks really good, they'd just advise getting new airlines which are £30 - £50 but you don't HAVE to. I did buy this kit 2nd hand already but it all works when I bought it. There is some rubbing on 2 of the bags but nothing major. Delivery can be arranged at your expense although would be expensive due to the insurance to cover these. Looking for £2000 W/O Postage. I'm based in Redhill, Surrey. Can drive to meet halfway if you're relatively close. video-1598200263.mp4 video-1598200676.mp4
  4. OnlyNothing

    Stock Rims

    bumpy bump
  5. OnlyNothing

    Stock Rims

    Anyone got some stock rims with decent tyres they want to sell? Around Surrey ideally. Thanks,
  6. Yeah, I saw your posts earlier
  7. Morning everyone, I was wondering if anyone has these parts for sale for my BRZ? Please drop me a message if so Thanks Grimspeed Alternator Cover STi Side Skirts P3 Gauge
  8. interested once price is listed.
  9. OnlyNothing

    Differences between BRZ SE and BRZ SE Lux?

    Yeah I went through the same, just couldn't wait to get my hands on a BRZ Good luck on finding yours
  10. OnlyNothing

    Differences between BRZ SE and BRZ SE Lux?

    ^^ If you're not bothered about heated seats and plan on upgrading the head unit the SE is fine. I opted to have the SE over the SE Lux. I recently looked into swapping to the SE Lux seats but there is some wiring involved. https://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=97004
  11. OnlyNothing

    Stock wheels and tyres

    That's quote pricey IMO if you want them gone urgently. These pre-facelift rims and tyres seem to sell ~200.
  12. OnlyNothing


  13. Anyone know where I can potentially source a BRZ 2017 bumper as I want to do the swap. I've tried Subaru and they weren't very helpful... Bumper - 57702CA280 Right Fog Cover - 57731CA350 Left Fog Cover - 57731CA360 Right Fog Cover End - 57731CA460 Left Fog Cover End - 57731CA470 Mustache Trim - 57731CA450 Headlight Bracket Left 2017 - 57707CA191 Headlight Bracket Right 2017 - 57707CA181 Right Bumper Bracket - 57707CA040 Left Bumper Bracket - 57707CA050 Thanks,