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  1. economicpygmy

    Valve spring recall, other parts required, who pays?

    Ah I see, well hopefully its enough that they removed parts that immediately failed.
  2. economicpygmy

    Valve spring recall, other parts required, who pays?

    Why do you say more difficult, are they known to be difficult?
  3. If say a component related to the cam timing is throwing an error post valve spring recall but not after, who pays for those parts? I haven't had the car back due to problems when the car was tested post recall work which hasn't been straightforward. The car never had ANY errors or faults prior to the work (Subaru Dealer). Common sense would dictate its not me but Im just getting my ducks in a row.
  4. Just received a letter... Less than impressed with my local dealer. I have always serviced my cars but for the sake of service history and time, i dropped it in just over a month ago for a major service, including spark plugs. I also asked about this: On 04/02/2019 Hi economicpygmy There is no recall outstanding at this time. We will look forward to seeing you. Kind Regards ***** Subaru 03 February 2019 Can you check if there's a valve spring recall on my car? *** REG *** Regards, economicpygmy Maybe Im jumping to conclusions but rolling in changing the valve springs and spark plugs would have seemed like a good idea....to me 🙄 They also supplied an invoice with 5W30; when queried and it was meant to be 0W20. The history has this mistake too last year from the previous owner. These are exactly the kind of things that dont endear me to giving them a major job like pulling the engine to change the valve springs. And if the engine fails afterwards I bet its a world of pain....
  5. economicpygmy

    OE Front Pads and Discs

    I couldn't even be bothered to respond.... it seems because I want it serviced this year due to stamp, warranty, time, other car in bits, I have to endure shysters. Gloucestershire. Ah, I see.
  6. economicpygmy

    OE Front Pads and Discs

    Thanks, the diagrams will also help as one of the washer jets isn't working (already checked the nozzle).
  7. economicpygmy

    OE Front Pads and Discs

    Ill just get the Toyota parts, pads are even marked as Subaru. TBH its chicken feed after receiving the quote for the 60k service! For someone who has always serviced their own cars, 600 squid for filters, oil and plug change is great money if you can get it! I also called the Toyota dealer and they said the engine has to come out
  8. economicpygmy

    OE Front Pads and Discs

    Thanks guys. Is there a part number lookup for Subaru? Trying to check which parts are available and if they differ with Toyota parts. Toyota discs £110.80, pads £77.00 Subaru discs £177.19, pads £127.55
  9. economicpygmy

    OE Front Pads and Discs

    My BRZ needs a new set of front pads and discs. OE works well for my road use and they have avoided becoming corroded, so unless there are recommendations that arnt much more in price Ill replace with OE. (In the past I have purchased cheaper discs for other cars but they always corrode heavily & not interested in drilled discs). I presume the BRZ and GT86 have the same spec discs? (ventilated 295) With other cars I've been able to get OE parts cheaper but I cant find anywhere that sells OE parts for the BRZ/GT86; is this a Subaru/Toyota dealer purchase? Does anyone know who makes the OE discs? Cheers