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  1. I have to remove the pedal on my bmx so imagine you shall have to on a big boy bike. Depending on handle bar width you might get away with only having to remove the front wheel.
  2. 86_Minty22

    Grey GT86 by Nimz

    Amazing! Regamasters are up there as one of my fav wheels, shame they are so hard to get your mits on. Did you have alignment done at TD when they fitted your coilovers?
  3. 86_Minty22

    2019 TRD

    I have never been completely sold on the body kits on the TRD models. I do like that interior dash panel though and the slightly retro graphic colours.
  4. 86_Minty22

    Magnaflow exhaust, UEL & cats

    FYI, you can get a Magnaflow cat back exhaust from TarmacSportz and they are not that expensive.
  5. 86_Minty22

    Deacons '86

    Love Autec Wizards, they are a great fitment just a shame how teeny they make the standard brakes look.
  6. 86_Minty22


    Did the rear lights get damaged? If they are both in good condition, how much would you want for them + required relay?
  7. 86_Minty22

    Another font speakers swap thread

    You should break in all audio equipment be it car speakers or home audio like sound bars. I had Focal K2Ps in an old car which were fantastic and got even better after a month or so.
  8. 86_Minty22

    The Wheels Thread

    What size Goodyear EF1s are those?