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  1. Nemesis

    Cat back & manifold advice

    I'm thinking of getting a UEL & cat back exhaust fitted with remap this summer & as I live in West Yorkshire I'm looking for recommendations where I can have the work done in the north When I first got my 86 a few years ago I did a lot of looking on YouTube & did like the Borla & Magnaflow cat back combination as I am after a deep tone & not raspy & would like my 86 to sound like that but as I've not been active on here for a few years due to personal problems but I'm now wanting to start to modify my car but don't know what new exhausts & headers are now available so after advice please I have some health problems so going to somewhere like Abbey would be too far as I am unable to drive a few hundred miles
  2. Nemesis

    Complete exhaust questions

    Thanks I d like the sound of the red 86 as it is quite deap & pops when gently revved
  3. Nemesis

    Complete exhaust questions

    I've been looking at the top one myself but I was also thinking of getting the TD UEL & wondering what difference it would make to the sound
  4. Nemesis

    West Yorkshire Meet

    Typical I'm working that weekend hopefully I will be free for the next one
  5. Nemesis

    Degreasing panels

    Thanks for the replies everyone
  6. Nemesis

    Degreasing panels

    Just wondering what degreasers people use before applying sound deadening to panels, is it worth getting a panel wipe type degreaser or something else
  7. I would prefer some skirts I can get from the uk & have narrowed it down to 2 at the moment but if you have other ideas please let me know. I don't intend to spend hundreds for them as they get damaged by stone chips & I don't see the point. I'm not after skirts which have part coming up the body like TRD ones but something which just sits along the sill
  8. Nemesis

    Drivers seat wear

    I have a problem getting out of the car as I have arthritis in my spine so tend to shuffle a bit to get out which I now realise causes the wear, I will have a chat with Toyota next month.
  9. Nemesis

    Drivers seat wear

    I have my car booked in to have a new seat back fitted because of wear under warranty as its apparently a known issue, does anyone know of a seat cover or bolster protector I can get to prevent it happening again? I did a bit of googling & found this but its for a TVR so doubt it would fit & I don't know how good a fit seat covers would be so would prefer something like this protector
  10. Nemesis

    Boot spoiler

    I've managed to get one in grey & I prefer the look of this design but wont know for sure until its delivered later in the week
  11. Nemesis

    Boot spoiler

    I've spent ages looking at different ones on aliexpress & id carid but I'm not sure about importing one as wouldn't know about the quality & returns would be a nightmare. I've looked at Fensport they don't have anything I like I will have to look into that
  12. Nemesis

    Boot spoiler

    Thats what they told me, I have to go to the dealers to have my drivers seat changed early February so will have a chat with them & take a look at the boot of an 86 they have there
  13. Nemesis

    Boot spoiler

    I've found one in Essex after I posted in grey, my car grey & is spoilerless so can choose whatever spoiler I want but I might get the one in Essex & see what it looks like before I get it fitted
  14. Nemesis

    Boot spoiler

    I've decided my car needs a boot spoiler but after contacting Toyota for a price for a genuine facelift spoiler I was told I would need a new strengthened boot lid which came to a ridiculous price before it was even painted so it looks like I will have to go for a pre facelift style spoiler I wanted this But I'm thinking of this one but don't know how good the fitment is My alternative would be to get a genuine one & get it sprayed to match my car like this going for £92 on ebay including delivery as it will fit properly & I have a mate who can spray it but I would prefer carbon fiber but it has to be a good fit What do you think the best option I should go for unless anyone has the above spoiler for sale in grey or black might look good on my car
  15. Nemesis

    Magnaflow exhaust, UEL & cats

    I'm hoping to decide at JAE after listening to members cars there