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  1. br0wny

    Finally got around to first wax

    sorry for the late reply, not been on in a while clay should get most off tbf, but always worth giving areas that get heavily soiled a bit of a spray with iron out/similar glaze does help hide stuff but thats all it does which isnt ideal bathe+ is shampoo+si02 so yeh essentially wash and wax but with si02 protection rather than wax so he's essentially protected the car then stripped the protection to put on a different type of product...
  2. br0wny

    Finally got around to first wax

    looks good but... no decon stages? and why wash with gyeon bathe+ then use a wax with carnauba in? would have been better to use gyeon cancoat after the bathe+ and skip out the glaze
  3. br0wny

    Dan's little build thread...

    heres the pics in a list
  4. br0wny

    Dan's little build thread...

    ahhh bugger the image links didnt work BRING BACK PHOTOBUCKET what do people use these days?
  5. Had my 86 18 months now and for some reason havent created a build thread so whilst bored at work thought id give it a whirl... I got my 86 in august 17 with 14k miles on and was completely standard a la... absolutely loved the car but who likes a standard car? not me so things began to change... first off was a TD none res catback whilst it was in for full service which was closely followed by some new wheels to be gone with them horrendous stock items... what were toyota thinking when they designed them to many peoples dismay i went for rota titans as well, i like the look and couldnt be bothered waiting for tc105n or paying the price haha! i got them wrapped in ad08r tyres 😃 now i had the things going with the looks it was deffo time for some coilovers so i went for some BC BR again supplied by TD... actually really surprised when in full comfort they ride comfier than stock but i have them set 12 clicks from soft at the front and 14 clicks from soft at the rear and no surprises the car looks better lowered... a full alignment followed a few weeks after fitting i had a trackday at angelsey booked so decided to upgrade the brake pads to some PFC Z rated pads after reading good reviews on here about them however i think i broke them when bedding in so not sure i got the full effect on track but they alas they worked well enough thanks to a cold day with lots of rain in the afternoon but we shall move on quickly from that brake pad situation i still had a great time and anglesey is an amazing track next up was to do something with the stock speakers as lets face it theyre shocking... even moreso when my previous bmw had the harmon kardon upgrade... i decided on the plug and play focals along with some sound deadening for the doors, rear quarters, under the rear seats and bits under on the boot floor - alas some decent (enough) sounding music whilst driving my fave ever car! the most recent thing is that the car has had some new brakes thanks to my mate giving me his wrx 4 pots and the car has had the TD NA package which i can only describe as wizardry as to how much of a different it makes to the car 😍 much more driveable, much more fun, much more (a bit too much tbh) noise and that brings it pretty much up to date some of you may have seen ive had a few hiccups recently with sensor codes and odd symptoms but the car seems to be running perfect again and i would imagine the majority of symptoms were caused by placebo of seeing something wrong hahah! at least thats what solution i came up with after speaking to TD
  6. br0wny

    P000A issues

    quick update - Done over 100 miles over past few days and car seems back to normal fingers crossed it stays that way now 😻
  7. br0wny

    Work Meister L1 wheels

    quite possibly some of the nicest looking things ive ever seen!!! 😍
  8. br0wny

    P000A issues

    this seems to be consensus going forward The wife was going to use the car for work but she hates driving it and I would like to keep my clutch intact 😂 shes never once had issues with clutches but the 86 is a bastard at the best of times haha on a plus side the car is covered by toyota warranty worldwide so if it did happen whilst abroad i could get recovered to a local toyota garage and they could contact my local dealership for info spozedly 🤗
  9. br0wny

    P000A issues

    thanks for taking the time to reply, the NA package includes a catless manifold but its also wrapped in titanium heat wrap so should be ok and nobody else has encountered this problem which when the EML was on was before the changed were made. I think the sensor for the intake is at the rear but may be wrong i could always try reseating the OCV sensor as thats easy to get to. the battery is spot on no issues there and the oil TD use is proper toyota 0w20 Im going to book it in to have exhaust checked for any leaks/blocked 2nd cat as there is some kind of exhaust rattle under heavy load... just to note, the issue is covered under warranty so as yet has cost me £0
  10. br0wny

    P000A issues

    I was hoping as a repeat visit they would at least change the OCV this time but nope as no hard stored code :( the OCV is something you can do on the drive so contemplating buying one to change it for the sake of £70 for the OCV Toyota quoted about £250 for new OCV, cam sensor and labour... but said they wouldnt want me paying for something that would be covered under warranty if they had a code to work from :(
  11. br0wny

    P000A issues

    The symptoms also point to a possibly clogged/damaged cat maybe? But again Toyota don't seem to want to inspect anything until a code shows
  12. br0wny

    P000A issues

    Hi all, Back in January my car threw EML and slip light and when taken into Toyota Wakefield, came back with the 'P000A camshaft position sensor slow to respond' code. They cleared the code and let the tech use the car for the week to see if it returned - it didn't - and was put down to a hiccup. I had a long discussion with various techs and managers regarding the potential dangers of further damage and they assured me not to worry - Ok on my way I go The car ran absolutely fine until last wednesday where driving from Harrogate to Leeds it felt very subdued to a point it didn't actually accelerate on the motorway, had little to no throttle response, nearly stalled when idling and smelt very VERY hot when stationary. Also seemed much louder on WOT and didn't seem to get anywhere and there was vibration through the car when accelerating. It was late so I put the car away to deal with another day. On saturday I decided to take it for a spin and the symptoms were still there so I connected to my Carista obd2 dongle and got the same 'P000A camshaft position sensor slow to respond' but this time showing as pending rather than a stored code and had no EML. I put the car away. The Car has been in, and is still in, Toyota again however they claim they can't find the 'P000A camshaft position sensor slow to respond' code anywhere. I assume it hasn't faulted and the car has cleared the code itself??? They could however see the ABS codes from the car being on a rolling road 😇 Toyota Wakefield won't take my word or proof I got the code despite it being a 2nd occurrence as enough to start changing sensors/OCV etc as a safety buffer. Midway through the whole ordeal the car had a FULL 4yr service and the TD NA package done by mike and the gang and the car was driving perfectly afterwards all until this strange scenario last wednesday night. Toyota Wakefield haven't said anything about mods causing issue/warranty void etc which is nice... Just wondering where to go from here as I am due to set off on a 3 week/4000 mile road trip around europe in the car in 3 weeks time. Does anybody have any ideas or info that could help me get sorted? Cheers Dan
  13. br0wny

    BBK or better discs/pads

    the boots on my stock brakes melted ive just changed to wrx 4 pot calipers on the front with braided lines and pmu ns400 pads also fitted slotted discs whilst actual braking "force" is a bit less, the caliper and pads/discs should handle heat better
  14. br0wny

    So how does it sound?

    im quite worried now that my car going to become too loud next week 😟 this may not be good for my upcoming 4000 mile roadtrip in april 😳
  15. br0wny

    So how does it sound?

    im in for NA package next tuesday and going for their UEL, i also have their catback (bought none res but had a res put in a few week back)