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  1. Getting my GT86 Aero tomorrow and I am looking to get some decent cleaning products. Any recommendations for pearl white? I have lots of generic cleaning products but I am on the hunt for colour specific cleaning products.
  2. Finally getting round to uploading a photo after getting it on Thursday took it out for a spin today in and managed to get this snap shot (with some editing of course). Loving life being a GT86 owner. Not missing the Corsa VXR one jot!
  3. Hi all! Just put down the deposit for my pearl white 15 plate GT86 Aero...hoping to get it this Thursday! Photos to follow [emoji106] Remap is on the cards...any other recommended mods? If anyone knows of a decent place in Newcastle for remapping please give me a shout
  4. If that's the case I'll take £15 for the grill
  5. I have a front spoiler centre cover & front frill for sale. Pearl white paint on centre cover. Please message if interested. Images to follow.
  6. No idea. I bought the car and they replaced the parts upon request and I asked if I could keep the spares.
  7. £85 Centre Cover ONO £45 Front Grill ONO
  8. having problems uploading photos atm, trying to sort it out atm
  9. I want to turbo and remap but need to save up so probably won't be able to until next year realistically. Gives me plenty of time to do some research I guess!
  10. Recently purchased my GT86 and have invested in to some new products (Dodo Juice Light Fantastic wax and Amigo glaze). All of the other products are what I have accumulated over the years. I am yet to try the new products due to bad weather but fingers crossed I will get a chance this week! Anyone else using these? Any recommendations for trying other products please post away! I've always used cleanmycar to purchase products. Has anyone got any other suggestions for websites/shops worth having a look at?
  11. Had a bit of spare time today so decided to take her out for a shoot!
  12. KellyStark

    Collection of products is growing ...

    Black is hard work to maintain as i'm sure you're aware! Both of my previous cars have been black... If you don't feel confident then yeah it could be worth getting someone to do it for you, I'm sure you will love the results.
  13. KellyStark

    Collection of products is growing ...

    have you considered hand polishing? Or even if you buy a polishing machine it's not hard just time consuming. Could be worth investing if you're in to detailing.
  14. Nice one! I've only seen 3 since looking in to and getting the car in Newcastle like. A red one not far from where I live, a pearl white without aero kit and a navy blue one @ the mertrocentre! You modified your car yet?
  15. Just wondering if there are any of you's in Newcastle or the North East area? To be honest I haven't seen a lot of GT86's around this area so thought I'd stick a post up!
  16. KellyStark

    Hopeful future BRZ owner, need some advice

    Can't really comment on anything except the move from FWD to RWD and the jump in speed. I had a Toyota Aygo 1ltr for my first car (when i was 18) then went to a Corsa VXR (when i was 22) which felt like a Ferarri in comparison! I now have the Toyota GT68 at the age of 24. The jump in Bhp will take some getting used to in terms of pulling off and watching your speed as you will be over the limit within a couple of gear changes without even realising. Just take it easy until you feel totally comfortable with the car but obviously have fun as that's what it's all about!
  17. Here's a photo of my baby! Had it since Thursday but been so busy out and about! Absolutely love it, couldn't be happier
  18. KellyStark

    Best Cleaning Products for Pearl White?

    I've got plenty of shampoo's and sealants, I'm after a wax for light car as getting this pearl white GT tomorrow and currently I have a collection of black wax's for my black VXR.
  19. Haha, I'll be sleeping in it at this rate of excitement! I will try and post some photos tomorrow