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  1. DaveJenks95

    GT86 for sale - Remapped by Tuning Developments

    Will sell for £9000, if it can be taken this week ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. DaveJenks95

    GT86 for sale - Remapped by Tuning Developments

    Price drop to £9500 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. DaveJenks95

    GT86 for sale - Remapped by Tuning Developments

    Standard manifold I’m afraid !
  4. DaveJenks95

    GT86 for sale - Remapped by Tuning Developments

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. **Toyota GT86 - REMAPPED BY TD. *** Here we have my Toyota GT86 for sale. It has been my pride and enjoy for the past 3 years and hasn’t put a foot wrong during my ownership. It has been cleaned every weekend and every service has included the top of the range components- No expense spared. The key details are as follows: 2012 in grey. Manual gearbox 83000 miles. This will increase due to daily use. Sat Nav Heated Seats. Cruise Control Automatic lights Bluetooth connectivity MOT due Oct 19. Full service history with all the stamps in the book to prove. Just had a full service @ 80000 miles. Hpi clear In my ownership, I have added the following subtle modifications: ECUtek remap by Tuning Developments- This is a highly reputable remap which removes the mid range torque dip that has always plaques these cars ! Furthermore it includes launch control and flat foot shifting and a far more responsive throttle pedal. All of this makes the car that much quicker and enjoyable on a B road bash! Power flow catback and Berk HFC midpipe. The combination give the car a lovey burble on tick over and a great rasp under throttle. Despite this, it’s completely civilised on the motorway- No drone to be heard ! I have also fitted some Rota Titan wheels in Bronze (17x9). One wheel could do with a refurb ( as shown in the pictures). TRD style spoiler fitted. I replaced the front speakers with Vibe speakers. A small addition, but a noticeable improvement over the originals ! The car has never been tracked or driven excessively hard. The vast majority of the miles covered have been on the motorway. Consequently, she’s had a very easy life compared to many others out there !! The car has a few scratches and marks, Which is to be expected for a car with over 80k miles. The worse marks are in the pictures. Also, there is some wear on the bolster of the drivers seat - If required I can send a picture across to show the extent of the wear ! I’m asking for £10,000. I am open to offers. The car can be viewed in Shrewsbury or Odiham. If you have any questions, or would like further pictures and videos, please contact me on 07805728093. Thanks in advance. David
  6. Hi, Apologies if this is in the wrong area. I’m looking to advertise my GT86 on this forum. However I’m struggling to do so as the data limit for the photos is far too small. As a result I can only upload a link to the pictures , which doesn’t make an ad look particularly great ... any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated ! Regards Dave
  7. DaveJenks95

    Toyota GT86 - Remapped by TD-£10,000

    Please remove
  8. Hi, im after a replacement floor mat on the drivers side. My current one is completely worn out. Thanks Dave
  9. DaveJenks95

    Rota Titan wheels*** reduced to £600***

    Bump !!! Make me an offer !!!
  10. DaveJenks95

    Standard wheels & tyres

    Bump £150. I have decided to put the wheels back on sale. PM if interested - They are so cheap !
  11. DaveJenks95

    Headunit advice

    Hey, Ive recently changed the speakers in my 86 from the truly terrible standard ones to some vibe speakers. This alone has dramatically improved the sound quality within the car. However, I am aware the currrent 'limiting factor' is the standard headunit that remains in the car. My plan is to upgrade the headunit in order to install an amp and provide some more power for the new speakers. Looking through the forums, there are loads of different headunits that have been used/ recommended by people. In all honestly, I've got a little confused by the options ! What I'm after is a replacement headunit with a greater power output and incorporates the ability to run sat nav etc. I don't want a high end super duper expensive option. I'd say my budget is £300 ish for this mod. Has anyone used a headunit for roughly this price that they would recommend getting ? Thanks Dave
  12. DaveJenks95

    Turbo reliability on a daily

    Just regular oil checks/ changes etc I'm guessing mike ??
  13. DaveJenks95

    Turbo reliability on a daily

    Thanks for the info. I just know that In 2-3 years I'll be knocking on 100k and I just wonder whether a turbo will start to strain the engine more than it can tolerate etc.
  14. DaveJenks95

    Turbo reliability on a daily

    This is my concern. I don't want to throw a lot of money into something that might not work out so well ! I'll probably sit back and wait to see if any reviews come to the surface before taking the FI plunge