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  1. Hi all , I am having a clear out of gt86 parts that came of my car after putting it back to stock these are what are left to sell 2nd cat back custom made exhaust , with slash cut tips now £150 17” space saver wheel with screw down holder £45 Would prefer collection from DL14 area (Bishop Auckland) or will wrap for a courier
  2. Prices for exhaust and space saver dropped
  3. If you are struggling to pick them up I could wrap the wheels for a courier to pick them up
  4. Hi , some one has already asked for the spoiler , if the sale falls through I will message you
  5. Hi , yes the space saver can be used on a car with 18” wheels ok
  6. Hi sorry the wheels are XXR 527 18” and width is 8.75 , can’t remember what the off set is , just checked the rear of one of the wheels and there is 35 ?
  7. Hi sorry brake light has gone , I have updated list to what is left
  8. Hi , yes it is the intec one , I would rather sell the all the parts as one if possible
  9. patto

    Front brake disc size

    Hi , my front disc's need changing but local supplier saying that there is two different sizes 277mm and 293mm , my car is a 2013 model Are the larger ones for the TRD model ? thanks for any info
  10. patto

    Front brake disc size

    Thanks , will order the larger size
  11. patto


    Hi all I have changed the manifold , exhaust from 2nd cat back and air filter , thinking of having it remapped , is it worth it on a NA car ? If so who is the nearest and best ( I live near Durham north east ) Thanks
  12. patto


    Thanks for the info , I think I will try TD but will have to take a day off work for it due to the distance to drive
  13. patto

    Exhaust for sale

    Hi , sorry for late update , yes it sold now could you please lock the tread Thank you
  14. Hi I have a Milltex over pipe back exaust for sale due to fitting a Borla manifold and the ome 2nd cat back on the car .Would take a offer for it if the buyer can pick up from Bishop Auckland to save the hassle of trying to wrap and post it thanks
  15. patto

    Sold Upper window roof lip spoiler

    Hi is the shark fin for sale? If so how much including postage
  16. patto

    Space saver

    Hi would a 17" space saver from a Subaru Impreza 05 to 08 model fit and also fit into the space in the boot ok? I was going to get the 16" from a classic one but have 18" wheels on the car so I thought there was too much of a size difference thanks
  17. patto

    Wheel nut torque

    Hi I am fitting some xxr wheels and tuner wheel nuts to my car but not sure of torque settings?
  18. patto

    Wheel nut torque

    Thanks will use 100nm
  19. Hi does anyone have a rear shelf for sale ?
  20. patto

    Wanted rear shelf

    Thanks , I dont won't to pay a silly price as Iam removing the brake light and plastic covers then retriming in diamond stich leather to match my seats
  21. patto

    Hi from up north

    Hi all , had my GT86 for a week now after part exing a Audi tt against it , had quite a few Toyota's in the past and fancied another one . Loving the rawness of it compared to the Audi the only thing I don't like is the gear box , the MR2's I have had in the past felt better and the were cable operated
  22. patto

    Hi from up north

    Hi , I am trying not to mod it too much just the odd things like the wheels and rear spoiler . Will not mess too much with springs etc as all ready scraped the front bumper getting into car park at work . I had a blue 350z imported when they first came out in Japan and spent £0000s on it to make it a show car , this was when I was deep into all the jap car clubs , shows etc , I cried when I sold it a few years later on how much money I lost 😥
  23. patto

    Hi from up north

    Yes have to leave snow tyres on all year round up here
  24. patto

    Hi from up north

    Hi , in north east near Durham
  25. patto

    Hi from up north

    Hi , the car is not new , it is a 2013 model with 19000 miles on it so should have loosened up by now , 2nd gear is a pain some times , I might try fitting the Whiteline bush to see if it helps