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Quiet exhaust recommendation

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I'm looking for a quiet performance exhaust to go with a TD EL manifold, in particular no drone on the motorway. I currently have a TD super-resonated.
Especially interested to know if anyone has paired the Hayward & Scott Cat Back System with larger centre silencer with a catless manifold: https://www.haywardandscott.com/.../toyota-gt86-cat-back...
The Ark Performance Grip seems like a good contender if anyone can share their experience.

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Myself and @3782mc have the one up from that, the Hayward and Scott Helmholtz resonator cat back and it's brilliant, no drone (by design) and overall quieter than most other cat backs with decat manifold. Borderline too quiet actually with stock front pipe so I went for a HFC and was a good compromise.




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