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Mishimoto Silicone Intake Hose (Black) - SOLD

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Mishimoto Silicone Intake Hose (Black)

Eliminates the output hose to the factory sound generator, so nice upgrade if you're looking for a tidier engine bay.
Also includes:
- A rubber cover to blank off the sound generator itself (if you don't remove it entirely).
- A metal blanking plug which you can use if you wish to remove the stock intake resonator (which fits to the bottom of the intake hose) for a bit more noise.

I've only had this on my car since March when I bought it off another member here who had on for a bit before selling their car, so I think it's done, at most, a couple of thousand miles. Still in excellent condition and comes with original packaging.
These sell for around £100 new.

Price: £55 (inc. delivery)
Item located in Rochester, Kent.


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