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P3 Vent Gauge + Extras

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Item: GT86 P3 Specific Gauge + Oil Pressure Sensor + Extra P3 Chip
Condition: Used
Price: £325 Posted
Location: East Sussex

P3 gauge pre-installed in vent for the GT86. Comes not only with a oil pressure sensor but also a chip that allows for the gauge to be run simultaneously with another OBD device, such as EcuTek or Torque. This is quite rare and I had to go to P3 direct from the USA to get this. I can even supply an OBD splitter extension if the buyer would find this useful.

This gauge can display a large range of OBD outputs such as AFR, Intake Temp, Coolant Temp, Oil Temp, Manifold Pressure etc and also 2x analogue inputs such as boost and the pressure sensor that will come with it.



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